Guyana: Amerindian Heritage activities … New website to showcase Wapichan people

Guyana: Amerindian Heritage activities … New website to showcase Wapichan people

SRDC Monitors and technicians setting up the community drone “Kowadad” for test flights in Shorinab Village

The South Rupununi District Council (SRDC) on Tuesday officially launched its official website, an initiative of the Wapichan (sometimes spelt, Wapishana) people in Guyana to inform the world about their culture, customs, livelihoods and challenges.

According to information released via Amerindian People’s Association (APA), the website contains a plethora of information which includes backgrounds on the 17 Villages which make up of the SRDC.

The initiative is as a result of over 15 years of work in several communities across the South Rupununi District.   

According to the information available on the website, the people of the South Rupununi District are looking to showcase some of their initiatives, achievements and future projects.

“We hope that this website will be helpful to students, teachers, allies and organisations that want to learn about us. It is our dream that this will open a way for us to help share our understandings of the environment and plans for our people and territory.”

The information outlined that Wapichan will legally own and control all types of lands and waters, and all other resources within the SRDC territories.

“We will freely use our forest, farmlands, fishing grounds, hunting and gathering grounds, grazing lands and bush islands and share them among our villages.”

This site also contains a map and information on threats to the people’s rights, lands, forests and resources, which were collected as part of our community-based territorial monitoring system.
“The same monitoring platform contains information on our traditional use and care of the land.

Through this initiative, we therefore aim to provide information about our various efforts seeking ways to obtain secure legal land rights and properly use and care for our territory for the benefit of our people and the human race as a whole.”

This site is developed by the South Rupununi District Council and is owned and controlled by all the main villages and communities in the South Rupununi.

The SRDC noted that the website launch, which coincides with the observance of Amerindian Heritage month, is a work in progress.

“The SRDC expects all pages will be more fully developed as we become familiar with managing our community website,” the information outlined.

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