University of Guyana (UG) – Renaissance Scorecard 2017

University of Guyana (UG) – Renaissance Scorecard;  Top 25 Items

Year I (June 2016 – July 2017)

1. Secured the re-accreditation of the School of Medicine.
2. Made George Walcott Lecture Theatre (GWLT) & Small Lecture Theatre (SLT) full air conditioned and installed new bathrooms in GWLT.
3. Boosted the WiFi access at Turkeyen, Tain, and Dennis Irvine Hall, put new PA systems in lecture halls, and fixed furniture and put fans in classrooms.
4. Stopped wild horses, cattle, and most dogs from roaming campus.
5. Modified service hours of the Bursary, including opening on Saturdays.
6. Partnered with GTT to offer Mobile Money to enhance services to students.
7. Published Renaissance newsletter to showcase students, staff, and alumni, and launched new website.  
8. Held first Race for PACE; raised G$4.1 million for Student Support Fund;
9. Signed MOUs with Movie Towne for solar energy production and student housing, with Ministry of Public Telecommunications on range of benefits, with Ministry of Natural Resources on funding support for several areas
10. Inaugurated Distinguished Lecture Series to celebrate working of Professor Clive Thomas, Professor Sister Noel Menezes, and Dr. Ulric Neville Trotz and to inspire others to emulate their pursuit of excellence;
11. Increased tuition to help improve the fiscal condition of the university.
12. Used VC Fund to provide G$100,000 to each of 13 students and two staff who were fire victims in Cummings Lodge in January 2017.
13. Secured supplemental subvention from government in 2016—the first time ever—and 19.33 percent increase in recurrent funds in 2017 over 2016.
14. Hosted the First Education Resource Ambassadors conference and established the Vice Chancellor’s Fund for Strategic Initiatives
15. Restored Walter Rodney Chair and began efforts to revive History.
16. Started Etiquette Training Program for Student Leaders; 56 student leaders were the first beneficiaries; paid for by VC Fund for Strategic Initiatives.
17. Started promotion of the Arts, including appointment of Keith Waithe as the first Distinguished Visiting Artist-in-Residence since Martin Carter.
18. Began work on new Students’ Social Complex, extension of Agriculture and Forestry, new Maintenance Complex, and repair Pere Street for rental
19. Reorganised senior leadership, with creation of DVCs for Academic Engagement; Planning and International Engagement; and Philanthropy, Alumni and Civic Engagement; and an Office of Strategic Initiatives
20. Launched Turkeyen & Tain Talks as bi-monthly series to facilitate conversations with
community on important subjects and Renaissance Lecture series for periodic
conversations on crucial university issues.
21. Created Undergraduate Research Programme, and hosted successful inaugural student
research conferences at Turkeyen and Tain.
22. Formed Alumni and Friends of UG in New York & New Jersey to rekindle alumni
engagement and support and encourage support by non-graduates.
23. Established School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation (SEBI).
24. Formed University of Guyana Press to help boost research and scholarship.
25. Hosted historic—for both UG & Guyana—the first Diaspora Engagement Conference,
and launched Caribbean Diaspora Engagement Centre. The conference attracted 260
people from Guyana, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, Br. Virgin
Islands, TNT, Jamaica, UK, and USA.

 University of Guyana (UG) – Major Year II Plans – 2017- 2018

1. Started new academic year with 16 new degree programmes and 2,148 new students.
Note: registration continues until September 22.
2. Will have two graduation ceremonies at Turkeyen instead of one long one.
3. Will create Task Force to examine conditions in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts
and Math (STEAM) and recommend improvements.
4. Dave Martins to serve as Distinguished Visiting Artist-in-Residence in Semester I. Also,
Indian High Commissioner to support important aspect.
5. Will host academic commemoration of the centennial of the birth of President Cheddie
Jagan, which is March 22, 2018.
6. Will produce UG mobile app, and advance work on merchandising.
7. Start feasibility work on Institute of Food and Nutrition Security.
8. Re-energise biodiversity teaching and research and enhance relevant collaboration with
the Ministry of the Presidency and Iwokrama.
9. Pursue maximum salary increase for staff; performance, accountability key.
10. Undertake costing of diplomas & degrees, and the economic impact of UG.
11. Do comprehensive review of Law Department; to be led by Professor Velma Newton,
former UWI law dean and current Director of IMPACT Justice.
12. Appoint Dr. Vince Adams as Visiting Distinguished Engineer-in-Residence
13. Change name of Faculty from Technology to Engineering & Technology
14. Advance the planning for introduction of energy courses and programs.
15. Appoint former Ag. Chancellor Carl Singh as inaugural Jurist-in-Residence.

Office of the Vice-Chancellor
September 2017

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