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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – September 14-15. 2017

News – 15 September 2017

DEFEND DACA! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

DEFEND DACA! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

DACA Rally SFO – Sept 5, 2017

“This means that we might have to go back to the shadows,” said the two sisters. They were referring to President Trump’s decision to rescind the DACA program. The sisters were brought to Richmond Hill in Queens as babies. They went to school and attended their local houses of worship.

At weekends, they shopped with their parents on Liberty Avenue and heard about the stories of their parents’ homeland. In fact, there wasn’t a day that they didn’t hear about Guyana, Trinidad, and Surinam, or about life in the United States.     Continue reading

University of Guyana (UG) – Renaissance Newsletter – July- August 2017

University of Guyana (UG) – Renaissance Newsletter – July- August 2017

Renaissance Vol. 2 No. 5, July-August, 2017

The VC Speaks …. 3
Editor’s Note  …. 5
The University of Guyana Hosts Ceremony to Officially Inaugurate
Tenth Principal & Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith  ….. 7
Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences hosts Annual Students’ Award Ceremony …. 9
UGBCL Reading & Literacy Programme  …. 10      Continue reading

University of Guyana (UG) – Renaissance Scorecard 2017

University of Guyana (UG) – Renaissance Scorecard;  Top 25 Items

Year I (June 2016 – July 2017)

1. Secured the re-accreditation of the School of Medicine.
2. Made George Walcott Lecture Theatre (GWLT) & Small Lecture Theatre (SLT) full air conditioned and installed new bathrooms in GWLT.
3. Boosted the WiFi access at Turkeyen, Tain, and Dennis Irvine Hall, put new PA systems in lecture halls, and fixed furniture and put fans in classrooms.
4. Stopped wild horses, cattle, and most dogs from roaming campus.
5. Modified service hours of the Bursary, including opening on Saturdays.
6. Partnered with GTT to offer Mobile Money to enhance services to students.
7. Published Renaissance newsletter to showcase students, staff, and alumni, and launched new website.   Continue reading

Ten Life-Changing Books – Their Influence May Stay With You Forever 

Ten Books That’ll Stay with You Forever

Source: http://www.ba-bamail.com

Throughout life, you’ll come across books that entertain, inform, enthrall, and ones that speak to your mind, intellect, and emotions. However, once every so often, you’ll be lucky enough to come across a book that speaks to your soul – a life changing book that’ll make you question your beliefs, staying with you long after you’ve finished reading it.
The following 10 masterpieces fall into this category. Each one is a pleasure to read, a treasure you should ponder, and each one will change something deep inside of you.
See details on these books below:
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