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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – September 12-13. 2017

  • News – 13 September 2017

Several to be charged in major gold smuggling racket

Arjoon levies on NBS assets over $79M judgment

Canadian investors seek local partners in oil & gas sector

Go-Invest CEO makes case for companies keeping track record “confidential”

Hustling businessmen, corrupt politicians make Guyana an easy target for ExxonMobil’s “buyout strategies” – Dr. Hinds

GPL has insufficient reserve capacity to cater for outages

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PASSING FOR WHITE – from “Our Kind of People” – by Lawrence Otis Graham

PASSING FOR WHITE – Book feature by Delanceyplace.com

9/13/17 – Today’s selection — from Our Kind of People by Lawrence Otis Graham. “Although I spent six years researching Our Kind of People, I could never have been prepared for the controversy it elicited from various groups upon its initial publication.” So wrote Lawrence Otis Graham in the most recent edition of his hotly debated 1999 book. In this book, Graham, a Harvard-trained lawyer with an undergraduate degree from Princeton and a best-selling author of 14 books, wrote of class divisions within black society.

In one particularly controversial chapter, he wrote of light-skinned black Americans who attempted to “pass” as white. To do so they often “divorced” from family and friends to help ensure that they weren’t discovered while trying to create a new life as a white person. In one heartbreaking story, he tells of a black woman growing up in the 1950s and 1960s whose father went to great lengths to hide not only his own skin color, but hers as well:       Continue reading

Skeldon’s massive losses…Workers dumped tonnes of cane-juice to make payday, forged accounts

Skeldon’s massive losses…Workers dumped tonnes of cane-juice to make payday, forged accounts

A South African-based engineer hired several times to help fix the problems with the Chinese-built Skeldon sugar factory, had raised alarming questions about the operations there but there is little evidence anything was done by management.

Engineer, Vishal Somai, who was instrumental in recommending that Skeldon don’t grind for the first crop this year because of unsafe boiler conditions at that Berbice factory, described the dumping as criminal.
It helped contribute to the new factory’s under-performance in its seven years.   Continue reading

When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment | Adam Carroll | TEDx video

When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment | Adam Carroll | TEDx video

Adam Carroll talks about his $10,000 Monopoly game with his kids and how to teach finance management in a cashless society. Adam Carroll is quickly being recognized as one of the top transformational trainers in the country.     Continue reading

Joint Memorial Service for Sis. Tchaiko Kwayana & Bro. Kwame Apata – Washington DC.- 23 Sept 2017

Download: Sis. Tchaico Kwayana & Bro. Kwame Apata

Guyana: St. Cuthbert’s Mission to be renamed ‘Pakuri’

Guyana: St. Cuthbert’s Mission to be renamed ‘Pakuri’

President David Granger being welcomed by Lennox Shuman, Toshao of Pakuri village

Hundreds of locals and foreigners on Saturday, gathered at Pakuri, better known as St. Cuthberts Mission to celebrate the annual ‘Heritage Village Day’.

At the weekend celebration, Toshao Lennox Shuman in his opening remarks reflected on the history of the Indigenous people, and expressed gratitude to his ancestors.     Continue reading

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