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“Cash jet” pilot laundered US$7.5M in Guyana – U.S. Prosecutors

“Cash jet” pilot laundered US$7.5M in Guyana – U.S. Prosecutors

Khamraj Lall

A Guyana-born businessman dubbed the “cash jet” pilot, from Ringwood, New Jersey, has found himself in deeper trouble.

Yesterday, he appeared before a federal judge on charges that he brought several kilos of cocaine into New Jersey and New York, then laundered more than US$7.5M (G$1.5B) in proceeds back to Guyana.

Khamraj Lall, 50, was indicted by a federal grand jury on conspiracy charges following his July 2015 arrest in connection with what authorities said was a five-kilo load carried on his plane, according to a report by the North Passaic Daily Voice on the court case.  Continue reading

The Story Within The Story…Irma: A few deadly hours – By Leonard Gildarie

The Story Within The Story…Irma: A few deadly hours

This past week, one of the world’s strongest hurricanes, Irma, started up and on its path to

Leonard Gildarie

Florida, USA, battered parts of the Caribbean, leaving a trail of destruction that will cost hundreds of billions of dollars of rebuilding, monies that many of the small states don’t have. Many Guyanese live in the affected areas.

At least 13 persons are dead in the Leeward Islands zone alone, it was reported. Along its way, the US and British Virgin Islands have taken damage. So did Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda and Puerto Rico.

In Florida, all commercial flights from Miami Airport for yesterday and today were cancelled ahead of Irma’s landfall. Overhead images showed traffic backups after authorities ordered mandatory evacuations.     Continue reading

Silicon Valley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun

Silicon Valley siphons our data like oil. But the deepest drilling has just begun

A Facebook Storage Facility in Sweden

Personal data is to the tech world what oil is to the fossil fuel industry. That’s why companies like Amazon and Facebook plan to dig deeper than we ever imagined

What if a cold drink cost more on a hot day?

Customers in the UK will soon find out. Recent reports suggest that three of the country’s largest supermarket chains are rolling out surge pricing in select stores. This means that prices will rise and fall over the course of the day in response to demand. Buying lunch at lunchtime will be like ordering an Uber at rush hour.

This may sound pretty drastic, but far more radical changes are on the horizon. About a week before that report, Amazon announced its $13.7bn purchase of Whole Foods. A company that has spent its whole life killing physical retailers now owns more than 460 stores in three countries.

Read more:  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/23/silicon-valley-big-data-extraction-amazon-whole-foods-facebook

Hurricane Irma: ‘Life threatening storm surge expected in Florida – Updates

Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma causes 200kmh winds in Cuba, first hurricane-force wind gust has been recorded in Florida Keys. Follow all the latest developments here

Some of those who have fled Florida are very pessimistic about what they will be returning to once Hurricane Irma subsides. Tom Durr, a 66-year-old retired physician and his wife, Lorraine, fled their house in Englewood, between Fort Myers and Sarasota near where the eye of the hurricane is forecast to makes landfall.

The left for a small farm they own in North Carolina on Tuesday, but Durr told Reuters he does not expect much to be left when they return.  “It will be a nice waterfront lot in sunny Florida with no house, no trees, no cars, no boats and an amazing view of devastation as far as you can see,” he said.


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