St. Stanislaus College Fourth formers get new fiberglass desk sets for 2017

Saints Fourth formers get new fiberglass desk sets for the new school

St. Stanislaus College. Guyana.

Ever so often the question arises as to what end does the St Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto do with funds raised via the many events held every year.  Well, here is an example of what the Association and the Charitable Society have done this year.

The wooden desks and chairs which were locally made many years before had served its usefulness and after many repairs, the time has come for them to be replaced with something more durable.      

The Board of Governors sought the assistance of the Alumni Association and Society for support in funding the replacement Fibreglass Combination Desk sets following a quotation from Fibre Tech Industrial Plastics for 104 sets for the Fourth form classes at a total cost of GY$2,704,000.00 or approx. Cdn$17,000.00.

The Executive Committee of both the Association and Charitable Society readily agreed to the request. The order was placed with Fibre Tech and the 104 sets were delivered to the college in time for the opening of school for the September term.

The photos that follow show the desk sets in place before the school re-opened, the students waiting patiently for the bell to ring and lastly the students happily seated at their new desks.

Read more and view photos: Saints Fourth formers get new fiberglass desk sets

In closing, we wish to thank all our patrons who support our successful fund raising events that enable us in part to support our alma mater. Without your support and attendance, we could not bring you the happy faces of the students who represent the future of our beautiful Guyana.

Our next and final fund raising event for 2017 is our Annual Fall Dance which is being held at the West Rouge Community Centre on Saturday, October 14, 2017.



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