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Guyanese celebrate WIADCA-50th on Eastern Parkway on Labor Day 2017

Members of the Impressions Dance Theater perform on Eastern Parkway

By Tangerine Clarke – Sept  7, 2017 – Caribbean Life News

Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources, Semona Broomes joined a Guyanese contingent on Eastern Parkway on Monday, Sept. 4 and waved the Golden Arrowhead flag with nationals to the 50th Anniversary of the Caribbean American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA).

Minister Broomes said she was happy to celebrate with the Guyanese Diaspora, adding that the Guyana government felt it was necessary for a representative from the administration march with nationals to show unity, and in support of WIADCA.

“This is the biggest event in the Caribbean community and we are happy to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, said Broomes, adding that the government cares about Guyanese in the Diaspora, and reminded them of their newly acquired wealth.    Read More https://www.caribbeanlifenews.com/stories/2017/9/2017-09-08-tc-guyanese-labor-day-parade-cl.html

Yet another picture-perfect carnival in Brooklyn NY – 2017

Yet another picture-perfect carnival in Brooklyn

For at least the third consecutive year, revelers, masqueraders and millions of spectators converged in picture-perfect weather on Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway on Labor Day for the 50th annual celebration of the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade.

With temperatures at a high of 84 degrees, around 3 pm Monday, the sight, sounds, pageantry, artistry and everything else West Indian exploded along the 3 ½ mile-long parade route that began at Buffalo Avenue and ended at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.

Photo: Trinidadian Darlene Price portrays Boom Mas’s “Empress of the Jewel.”

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Ramayana in the Park 2017 Draws Record Crowds – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Ramayana in the Park 2017 Draws Record Crowds

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The crowds came to Ayodhya in their hundreds each evening. By the end of the week, it was the biggest attendance at Ramayana in he Park in the nine years of its existence. On the night of Janamashmi, when Hindus were in their temples, the tent was packed to capacity and additional seating was needed.

This trend continued and by Saturday seating was needed an hour before the starting time. The theme of this year’s event was ‘ Honoring the Youths in our Community.’ Our Pandits did us proud and left devotees wanting more. Continue reading

St. Stanislaus College Fourth formers get new fiberglass desk sets for 2017

Saints Fourth formers get new fiberglass desk sets for the new school

St. Stanislaus College. Guyana.

Ever so often the question arises as to what end does the St Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto do with funds raised via the many events held every year.  Well, here is an example of what the Association and the Charitable Society have done this year.

The wooden desks and chairs which were locally made many years before had served its usefulness and after many repairs, the time has come for them to be replaced with something more durable.       Continue reading

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