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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – September 08. 2017

  • News – 08 September 2017

Did Ministers receive per diem from Exxon during Texas trip? – Opposition MP asks

AFC being dishonest with Guyana on disclosure of Exxon contract – Jagdeo

Guyana stands ready to support Irma-hit territories

Controversial Providence lands…Govt. should enforce contracts on defaulting developers – Opposition Leader

Guyana opens doors of border hospitals to Venezuelans

Illegal aircraft…Interpol to assist in probe of possible collusion between cops, passengers

Jagdeo refuses to disclose details of meeting with Exxon  

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Guyana’s Region Nine shines in Region Eleven – New York – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Guyana’s Region Nine shines in Region Eleven

– by Francis Quamina Farrier in New York

Some folks who have been attending the premier Guyana Cultural events in Region 11, (which are all lands beyond the borders of Guyana) over the years, are saying that the Guyana Cultural Association of New York’s Annual Folk Festival Season 2017, was the best ever.

They submit that, with the theme, “Celebrating Our Indigenous Heritage”, which featured a Wapishana Cultural Group from the deep South Rupununi, in Guyana, along with a few Native Americans, and with all Presenters keeping their presentations on the theme of “Celebrating Our Indigenous Heritage”, it was as good as it gets.   Continue reading

Guyana: Why learn Portuguese?

Guyana: Why learn Portuguese?

The Brazil-Guyana Cultural Centre

Anyone who has some knowledge of the language will recognise that this word means ‘hello’ in Portuguese. Those who are even more familiar with the language will be able to carry on a conversation after hearing this greeting. It is undeniable that mastering a second language is an invaluable asset in a fast-paced world.

Being able to speak Portuguese, or Spanish, or Mardarin, can provide a crucial leg up. But there is more at play than individual gains and the work being done by the Centro Cultural Brasil-Guiana (CCBG) is a prime example. The initiatives being undertaken by CCBG provide opportunities for cultural exchange and economic advancement.     Continue reading

Labor Day Caribbean Carnival Parade in Brooklyn, New York – 2017

Labor Day Caribbean Carnival Parade in Brooklyn, New York – 2017

Here are some photographs – featuring Guyanese – taken by Francis Quamina Farrier, at last Monday’s 50th Labor Day Caribbean Carnival Parade in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday, September 4, 2017. This was the 50th Caribbean Labor Day Carnival.

The large banner at the front of the Parade of the Guyanese contingent

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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – September 06-07. 2017

  • News – 07 September 2017

Govt., commercial bank battle over BK/BaiShanLin housing lands

Procurement procedures must benefit locals in oil and gas sector – Energy specialist

Private security firms rejects night work “ban” for female guards

Irma leaves a trail of death and destruction as Jose threatens

For the good of Guyana… PPP’s barrage has to be countered and stopped-WPA Executive Member

Frequently update security systems – GCCI Head cautions

M&CC suggests bylaws to deal with garbage situation   

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