“Sadness has no end” by Brazilian Poet Eli Macuxi – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Cereia by Carmezia Emiliano - Indigenous Macuxi - Roraima - Brazil

My Poetry Corner September 2017 features the poem “Sadness has no end” (Tristeza não tem fim) by Brazilian poet and educator Elisangela Martins, who self-identifies as Eli Macuxi or Elimacuxi. She teaches history and art criticism at the Federal University of Roraima located in Boa Vista, capital of the state.

Fascinated by verse since childhood, Elimacuxi began writing poetry in fifth grade. At fifteen, she dreamed of having her work read and studied by others. “But the desire was totally blunted by the pessimistic awareness of reality,” confides the poet on her blog. “I was a skinny teenager, without luck of getting a job, studying at a night school on the periphery, ‘daughter of a drunkie,’ with lots of younger siblings. To be a writer? Poet? It was laughable.”

While she earned her Bachelor’s degree and then Masters in History, her love for poetry never waned. In 2013…

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  • ndtewarie  On 09/04/2017 at 11:10 am


    Whether you be regal or a minion

    And your smile has no opinion

    But it eases the other person’s mind

    Its something you don’t easily find

    It says “Hello its ok relax man,

    Life is too short I understan’”

    A returned smile answers “Thanks bro,

    You put me too at ease with your glow”

    For a smile takes about 17 muscles only

    A frown takes over 43 and its very ugly

    No wonder a laugh a day

    Can keep the doctor away

    Believe me we would all go insane

    For laughter carries away the pain

    In hospitals they encourage laughter

    For it makes the patients better faster

    A real smile has no opinion a sign of honesty

    It faces anyone or anything a sign of bravery

    Unlike sneers and frowns

    Looking like faked clowns

    And they are filled with malice and with anger

    Thats why some can smile in the face of danger

    They’re brave and are right into your face

    Where the others hide under the surface

    We can take a page from our kids as grown ups

    Who smile all the time playing with their pups

    Look at our kids at play both girls and boys

    Smiling and laughing with imaginative toys

    Or seeing babies as pure blank slates

    Smiling not yet oblivious of their fates

    For they haven’t been yet corrupted

    By adults’ opinions not yet adopted

  • Bella de clou  On 09/17/2017 at 7:15 pm


  • ndtewarie  On 09/18/2017 at 10:02 am

    I agree with E Martins and it all because of so much hate in this western world:


    We’re in a world which has become so insensitive
    That we have ceased to be our brothers’ keepers
    We’ve just witnessed a good example of this
    When our Financial & Housing Industry crashed
    Poor people even some rich ones lost their homes
    This caused much unhappiness to lots of folks

    The sad lesson in this catastrophe is that those bad asses
    Fully well knew what they were doing to wretched folks
    They thought they had a ball at the expense of others
    But had a rude awakening for karma came back to bite
    As moral pains so excruciating when their conscience hit
    That many of these so called experts committed suicides

    Those who thought they escaped the wrath of karma
    Were knocked down and or dying without a prayer
    For greed is the sole embryonic germ of cancer
    The proof is there in the daily national obituaries
    Of the rich Christian loving men and women
    Whose bible taught them Thou shall not covet

    The devils handiwork can be seen in the narcotic’s trade
    Evil men abusing weaker men to do their evil scheme
    And getting caught in the cross fire of the law or the gun
    As users become addicts filling the coffers of druglords
    Who later are also brought down by their own greed
    Or found dead in some garbage bin or lonely alley

    Terrorists can never be happy
    They are in a different jahadist world
    So brainwashed left with a hollow skull
    Always scared on the brink of desperation
    Trying to please to save themselves or their family
    Eventually ending up sadly as a suicide bomber

    Then there are some always smiling religious leaders
    Who are supposed to set a holy example to their flock
    Some become so corrupted stealing lock and stock
    Living high with golden dress and sink faucets
    Some are even defended when they rape their youths
    But always urging you to drop an envelope in the basket

    And if you think slavery was over you’re very sadly mistaken
    The sweat shops of the world are rampant with big name owners1
    Turning a blind eye to the tragic loss of lives in their garment industry
    Owners selling their souls for a buck solely to please their shareholders2
    The banks have the best slaves and the whips have been replaced
    With bullying supervisors whose sole aim is to fill their quotas

    Finally there are those who abuse women for sex and satisfaction
    Sowing wild oats and leaving mothers and kids homeless and penniless
    These dead-beat dads are just as bad as the worst criminal culprits
    For homes without dads lead to undisciplined kids and other trauma
    The results are mirrored in our courts, jails and institutions
    As they get away scot free with their rambunctious philandering

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