Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – August 2017

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – August 2017

As we get ready to celebrate Labor-Day Weekend festivities in North America, let us remember the folks in Texas and other places who are suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. They need every help and prayer.

Here is the August 2017 issue of Buxton-Friendship Express. You may download the attached copy, or click on the following link to access it:


Have a safe and enjoyable Labor-Day weekend!

Lorna Campbell.  Editor,

Buxton-Friendship Express

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On August 30, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks for yet another interesting and informative Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter. I especially draw attention to Dr. Wilbert Hope’s address on “Slavery, Emancipation and a Vision for the Future.” His vision for Guyana’s villages would indeed transform the lives of Guyana’s youth:

    “Our villages must be safe and healthy living spaces for youths to thrive in sports, culture and academic pursuits, a recruitment destination for high quality talents in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).”

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