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Working together to sustain life on Planet Earth – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

I’m always heartened to come in contact with young people who are pro-active in changing humanity’s path towards a sustainable future for life on our planet. Here’s one such young woman, an undergraduate in Mississippi, who realizes that our success in achieving this aim depends upon collective action and connection with like-minded individuals.

As y’all know, I was selected as an Eco Rep Leader at my university. Yesterday was our official training for the year. We had our training at Strawberry Plains Audubon Center. I had only been there once and it was for their well-known Hummingbird Festival. The center is one of Mississippi’s finest yet lesser known treasures. With […]

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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – August 26-27. 2017

News – 27 August 2017

Venezuelan Collapse? Wishful Thinking? Caracas Oil Deals with Russia and China

Venezuelan Collapse? Wishful Thinking? Caracas Oil Deals with Russia and China

The oil and business press is abuzz with predictions of an imminent Venezuelan financial collapse, as a prelude to its political implosion, which should oust President Maduro and erase the Hugo Chavez ambitious experiment.

The country is running out of money, and is unexpected to pay some US$ 3.5 Billion in international loans coming due in October/November 2017. Such a default will trigger creditors to seize its assets, especially oil export shipments, which would stall oil production and end its last hope of salvation.       Continue reading

Guyana: Within the Criminal Act lies a Deeper Societal Fact – By Yvonne Sam

Within the Criminal Act lies a Deeper Societal Fact

By Yvonne Sam

Sad to say but as a people we are no nearer to understanding the frivolous explanations that precipitate deadly disputes. We are no longer a verbal nation preferring instead to be a homicidal aberration.  Why would two individuals who are known friends, and who would normally disagree and walk away from each other, lose control and kill especially if alcohol is factored in the equation. Most of the recent murders have occurred following drinking sessions, where mental control is diminished as alcohol flows to the cranial area.

I hold the firm belief that only the tip (if at all) of the iceberg has been touched regarding the nature of our crime problem. In politically correct terms, crime fighters, namely, the police are literally playing catch up. We are only able to Guy-analyze the reasons underlying the out- of-control crime rate, as we lack the resources seen in the developed world. In addition, very rarely are requests made or suggestions proffered from the Bench to have a psychoanalysis conducted on the perpetrators of certain crimes.    Continue reading

Guyana: IN DEFENSE OF OIL – By Verian Mentis-Barker


“Matters not if Guyana secured a good or bad deal, we got a deal…time to move on” – Finance Minister Winston Jordan, on oil.

Maybe on other matters, this swashbuckling declaration might have garnished the Minister some affirmation but he was referring to a company whose earnings are greater than his country’s Gross Domestic Product  and wields more economic power than his country does on the world stage…. even though it’s a corporation.    Continue reading

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