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Guyana: A Voice from the Diaspora – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

A Voice from the Diaspora – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

University of Guyana

This is an excerpt from my presentation at the Diaspora Conference in Guyana. The Conference was sponsored by the University of Guyana.

Thank you Mr. Chairman. Your Excellency, the President of Guyana, our esteemed Vice Chancellor, members of the Diplomatic Corp, UG staff and students, members of the media and friends all. Welcome to this historic Conference.

Please allow me to recognize the role of the media and in particular my good friend Mr. Mohamed Alim Hassim from ‘The West Indian’ in New York. Alim has not only publicized this Conference for free but has traveled to Guyana to cover it for the readers and he is here. Thank you, Alim.     Continue reading

Donald Trump Is a Lame-Duck President – David A. Graham | The Atlantic

Donald Trump Is a Lame-Duck President

President Donald Trump

Just seven months into his presidency, Trump appears to have achieved a status usually reserved for the final months of a term.

David A. Graham | The Atlantic

In many ways, the Trump presidency never got off the ground: The president’s legislative agenda is going nowhere, his relations with foreign leaders are frayed, and his approval rating with the American people never enjoyed the honeymoon period most newly elected presidents do. Pundits who are sympathetic toward, or even neutral on, the president keep hoping that the next personnel move — the appointment of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, say, or the long-rumored-but-never-delivered departure of Steve Bannon [even Bannon’s exit didn’t change anything] — will finally get the White House in gear.      Continue reading

Barbados: The Harsh Truth Behind the Symbolism of an Emancipation Statue

Barbados Underground

Mohammed Degia

A few weeks ago, Barbadians erupted in nationalistic pride when a tweet from African American racial justice activist, Samuel Sinyangwe, about the Emancipation statue in Barbados went viral. Sinyangwe was in Barbados and posted two pictures of the statue commenting that he had never seen anything like it in America, this type of monument displayed prominently and designed specifically to symbolise the breaking of chains and the power of black liberation. In his series of tweets, Sinyangwe stated that the story of abolition in America is whitewashed, celebrating people who fought to keep black people enslaved and erasing the efforts of black people who dared to resist. He concluded that “the fact that the conversation in the USA is about keeping/ taking down pro-slavery monuments, not building anti-slavery monuments, speaks volumes”.

The tweet attracted significant attention with many people posting similar monuments from around the world…

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Charlottesville reveals America the Real versus America the Ideal – By Yvonne Sam

Charlottesville reveals America the Real versus America the Ideal

By Yvonne Sam

America’s historic embrace of the Confederate flag is indicative of a collective failure to eradicate white supremacy as an ideology, and is in great part contributory to the recent attack in Charlottesville.  

The violence that erupted at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday can clearly be seen as a wake –up call for America, especially those who repeatedly avow that the world has changed and America is a post-racial society.  Despite the absence of white robes, nooses and burning crosses, the largest organized gathering of armored and armed white supremacists in almost a generation in aptly named Emancipation Park confirmed that the terrible red record of racism in the southern United States is no longer a thing of the past.     Continue reading

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