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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – August 18-19, 2017

News – 19 August 2017

Book Review:  Mahathi’s “Hare Krishna”- by Leonard Dabydeen

Book Review:  Mahathi’s “Hare Krishna”- by Leonard Dabydeen

Author: Mahathi – Book: Hare Krishna


Mahathi is the author’s pen name. His true name is Mydavolu Venkatasesha Sathyanarayana.

Publisher: Prowess Publishing, May 2, 2017   Pages (Print Length) Paperback 402 pages


ISBN  978 161 813 284   Kindle  Paperback.  See Availability below


Read more: Book Review – Mahathi’s Hare Krishna – by Leonard Dabydeen

Construction of new Demerara River Bridge at Houston to begin next year

Construction of new Demerara River Bridge at Houston to begin next year

Aug 19, 2017  – Kaieteur News

The present Demerara Harbour Bridge opened 02 July 1978

Construction on the long-awaited new Demerara River Bridge, to ease the pressure on the Harbour Bridge, is expected to begin next year, government says.



The Government of Guyana said it is moving along with its plan to construct a new Demerara River Bridge and will soon commence the process of pre-qualifying contractors for the project.

Through the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, contractors will be pre-qualified for the finance, design, building, and maintenance components of the structure. These works will be procured through public tendering, with a restricted number of bidders.   Continue reading

Iran Will Be Trump’s Nemesis – M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline

Iran Will Be Trump’s Nemesis – M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline

The White House readout of USA President Donald Trump’s phone call to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday highlighted that the latter “thanked” Trump for his “strong leadership uniting the world against the North Korean menace.”

Modi must be the only world leader who has given such fulsome praise to Trump for his performance vis-a-vis North Korea. And, Trump naturally felt elated.

In reality, though, it wasn’t particularly difficult for Modi to say such a strange thing, because India has no role to play in resolving the North Korea problem.        Continue reading

Nations rise, dominate, then fall – By Freddie Kissoon

Nations rise, dominate, then fall – By Freddie Kissoon

The End of the Age of America

I did two columns before on the similarities between the rise of Trump and Hitler. Please see the following; Saturday, April, 8, 2017, “Hitler and now Trump shows how nonexistent is the human mind,” and Sunday, September 13, 2015, “A new book on Hitler that reminds one vividly of Donald Trump.” With the bizarre emanations of President Trump on the violence created by white supremacists last week, it is time again to look back at Trump and that uncanny similarity with the rise of Adolf Hitler.

There is nothing this columnist can add to a huge ocean of literature on the reason why great nations fall. “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers” by Paul Kennedy, is perhaps required reading in an advanced course in International Relations in most universities. Kennedy’s book may be breathtaking, but he is not alone in predicting why great countries rise up to dominate the world then become ordinary lands.      Continue reading

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