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“JULIANA” – A show fit for a president – by Francis Quamina Farrier

“JULIANA” – A show fit for a president, which Burnham would have enjoyed – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

There were quite a number of Birthday Shows staged at the the National Culture Centre, for the late President Forbes Burnham; and as the Director of Drama at the Ministry of Culture, I was involved with most of them, either on stage or in the background, with the production team.

I was at the National Cultural Centre on Friday, July 28, 2017 for the show entitled “JULIANA”, which was staged for the Birthday of President David Granger. During the fast-paced production which included Music, Song, Dance and Choral Speaking, my mind flashed back to those earlier Presidential Birthday Shows which were staged for President Forbes Burnham, and which were very good.    Continue reading

Book Launch: Captain Monty Takes the Plunge – Jennifer Mook-Sang – Oct 14, 2017

Plunge into Reading with Captain Monty

BURLINGTON, ON, August 5, 2017 — Jennifer Mook-Sang is pleased to announce the October 3rd release of Captain Monty Takes the Plunge (Kids Can Press), a picture book for ages 3 to 7.

 Synopsis of Captain Monty Takes the Plunge

Monty the Malodorous is a daring pirate. He is brave. He is bold. He is feared by all who sail the six or seven seas. But Monty has a secret — he can’t swim. He never goes in the water, and he certainly never takes a bath. “Real pirates don’t bathe,” he says. “Yar-har-har!” But things change when he meets Meg. His heart goes ka-thunk and he tumbles head over boot heels in love. When Meg’s life is put into peril, Monty realizes he’s the only one who can jump in the ocean to save her. He is faced with a terrible dilemma — is his love strong enough to overcome his fear?       Continue reading

Multi-Racial : Documentary: The Other Race in America (Mixed Race) – video

Multi-Racial : Documentary: The Other Race in America (Mixed Race)

SOATV – Published on Mar 30, 2017
Directed by The Mechanical Eye THE OTHER RACE is a film about the multiracial experience and growing up stuck between different races. we interviewed a number of multiracial people who shared their stories with us. …..contact: pvlsemedia.info@gmail.com
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