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COMMEMORATING CANADA: A Personal Journey – By Cyril Dabydeen

COMMEMORATING CANADA: A Personal Journey – By Cyril Dabydeen

Written in June 2017 for CONFLUENCE Magazine – August 2017 – Page 3

My sense of being Canadian is marked every year on July 1 when Ottawa –the nation’s capital– where I’ve lived for four decades becomes a transformed city. This year marks the special 150th commemoration from the time of Confederation in 1867 when the country declared “Dominion Day” codified in the British North America Act. Then Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick became politically unified; later, the prairie and western coast became part of the Dominion via the Canadian Pacific Railway.     Continue reading

The Timing of Trump’s Most White Nationalist Week Yet – Ian Reifowitz | Daily Kos

The Timing of Trump’s Most White Nationalist Week Yet

Ian Reifowitz | Daily Kos

The bait and switch: it’s one of the oldest tricks in politics — one of the oldest tricks in life. It’s a fundamentally dishonest ploy, and typically appeals to vulnerable people’s most base instincts in order to get them to, as the term suggests, take the bait. Donald Trump is a master at it.

Trump’s Electoral College victory relied heavily on support from white working-class voters.

According to data from the Voter Study Group analyzed by Lee Drutman, Trump won 27 percent of the “populists” — people who are economically left-of-center, i.e. supporters of social spending in general, but conservative on racial and cultural identity issues — who had voted for Barack Obama four years earlier.    Continue reading

H.E.R.O.C. Bingo Fundraiser – Medical Mission to Guyana – Rosedale NY – August 27, 2017

HEROC – Health & Education Relief Organization for Cancer

Attached is the flyer for our upcoming Bingo.  This is one of our
Fund Raiser Events in aid of our second Mission Trip to Guyana. This event
is to assist us with the shipment of a container of Medical Supplies for the various Community Health Centres

The Dalai Lama Comments on “Humanity”

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