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USA : The Myth of Reverse Racism – The idea of white victimhood

The Myth of Reverse Racism

The idea of white victimhood is increasingly central to the debate over affirmative action.

Vann R Newkirk II | The Atlantic

Contrary to initial indications, the civil-rights division of the Department of Justice won’t be dismantling affirmative action after all. At least, that’s the current word from Trump administration officials, after a New York Times article claimed the department would be using the broad powers of justice to take on universities that it decided had discriminated against white people.

The DOJ since clarified that it was gearing up to investigate complaints from dozens of organizations alleging that certain universities used quotas — which are illegal — to limit the number of Asian American enrollees.      Continue reading

When You Watch Dunkirk: Remember It Is a Whitewashed Version ….by Robert Fisk | Independent UK

When You Watch Dunkirk: Remember It Is a Whitewashed Version …..

Even in this early stage of the Second World War, ethnic minority British citizens did show enormous courage – one of the bravest ARP men during the Blitz was black, although we have yet to see a film about him

Robert Fisk | Independent UK

Nolan’s new adaptation of Dunkirk fails to acknowledge the bravery of Non-White Soldiers – Black and Muslim Soldiers

In my mother’s family scrapbook, there is a tiny box camera snapshot of a very young Robert Fisk staring at the Luftwaffe-smashed “mole” leading out to sea from the port of Boulogne – sixteen years after British troops evacuated under fire in May 1940 as their comrades stood on the beaches of neighbouring Dunkirk. In the photograph, the right-hand side of the Boulogne jetty remains, in dilapidated, post-war France, just as it was when British soldiers scrambled aboard the last ships to Britain, the concrete, right-hand side of the mole collapsed into the sea, just a few old hawsers showing where it stood.      Continue reading

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