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Cuso International- Guyana: Volunteers making an impact – video

Video on a project by Cuso International- Guyana:  

Learn about how Cuso International volunteers are making an impact in Guyana.


Cuso International – http://www.cusointernational.org

WHAT WE DO – Cuso International works to reduce poverty by creating sustainable livelihoods; eliminate disadvantage by improving access to education and healthcare; and combat inequality by empowering people and communities. READ MORE           

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Opinion: Reading is Revolutionary – By Yvonne Sam

Reading is Revolutionary

By Yvonne Sam

The struggle of Black people have been well documented  by multiple theologians, historians, journalists and researchers, as well as our ancestors who were in the unfortunate position of being in the ultimate form of bondage.  Barbarities such as, raping of our women, castrations, public lynching for “entertainment” and the separation of families were  a daily occurrence in the life of our people during the slavery period. Add on, stripping us of our culture, and suddenly you have a group of people in 2017 in the exact same position as they were since the 1600s. Much has changed since then and while all of these were damaging the one I find the most devious but seemingly effective was to deny and control our ability to read.    Continue reading

ALL HANDS ON OIL – By Verian Mentis-Barker


Gyana,oil, Exxon, Hess,CNOOC China, Lisa , Stabroek

When the International Financial News Organs mention the Liza 1 and 2 and the Stabroek oil wells found in the waters of its off-shore, it’s always with Guyana as the subtext.

Just look at the swagger in these headlines of Forbes Financial Magazine, June 30th 2016, in article by Christopher Helman “With Second Big Oil Discovery, Exxon Puts Guyana On The Map”…yeah, putting Guyana on the map…as Economist Magazine  ‘Gusher in Guyana’, article of June 29th 2017 tops it off with sub heading ‘It will take better politicians to resist the corrosive power of petrodollars’

Just for the record….if there is any noble propensity here, it is certainly tempered by a reputation of avarice and narcissism and this is what makes these magnates mount their horses of hubris and ride in to town…not because they are overtaken by any zealous munificence and definitely not because they want to make  Guyana its benefactor… but because they are driven to multiply their riches by oil.   Continue reading

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