Geography Now! Guyana – video

Geography Now! Guyana – video

CORRECTION Re this video: – Ethnic Distribution and Growth

  • The East Indians are the largest ethnic group, and presently comprise 39.8 percent (297,493), down from 43.4 percent at the 2002 Census.
  • They are followed by persons of African Heritage (29.2 percent), down from 30.2 percent.
  • The third in rank are those of Mixed Heritage (19.9 percent) up from 16.7 percent in 2002 Census. This group continued to be a significantly growing group over the past three decades, a similarity of trend noted for the
  • Amerindian group at present comprising 10.5 percent of the population.  
  • The smallest groups are the Whites (0.06 percent or 415 persons), the Chinese (0.18 percent or 1377 persons), and the Portuguese (0.26 percent or 1910 persons) respectively in that ascending ranking order. A small group (0.03 percent or 253 persons) when asked did not identify with any of the listed race/ethnic groups (Figure 2.1 and Table 2.1).

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  • Dave Kaufmann  On August 2, 2017 at 9:36 am

    Ehhh Mahnn ! sllloooowww dung Nah ! Tuuk ya time an wuuk it sllloow bfoh de KLIMAAAAAX nah ?


    Tank fuh de NICE Riteup

  • walter  On August 3, 2017 at 9:14 am

    Well done, actually a good first step for the grandchildren.

  • Gigi  On August 3, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    Soooo, India is the mother reconnecting with her lost child but no mention of Africa? I guess Africa is de dead beat fada who cut out after he mek nuf nuf pickney he can’t afford but he wan mother India fuh tek care ah all a dem – even dem dat nat even sheh own. He prappa stupidy if he tink she gwan do dis.

    Now ah see he even gat wan ah he pickney desperately begging fuh de wuk wan a mother India pickney ave even tho he pickney na qualify. He wan educated wuk but he dunce fuh so. I’m alluding here to the david hinds creature who, from the moment I saw his photo and read his trash, reminded me of the character, Jefferson (the hog), in ‘A Lesson Before Dying’. Except hinds with his hyena grin is more like a hybrid of the two animals. His affirmative action push is him showing his desperation for Dr. Roopnarine’s position even though he is extremely unqualified for the position. Affirmative action my foot! His kind wants handouts for life. Dem gat no character me tell ya! Is why dem lot fill up de prisons.

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