Guyana: Kudos to the Police

Guyana: Kudos to the Police

Jul 27, 2017  Editorial – Kaieteur News

For well over a decade, crime has been an affliction on our society. We continue to read about it almost daily. It has been a major problem for us as efforts by the last administration did not reduce it. In fact, there has never been the political will to end this scourge.

The pervasive nature of crime during that period dulled our senses, as it was essentially treated as just another news topic. Indeed, it was alleged that some high-ranking officials had in some ways contributed to the crime spree between 2002 and 2008 which led to the deaths of hundreds of youths through extra-judicial killings.     

Violent crime became a problem for almost everyone in society. The people’s backs were against the wall, but history has shown that when people find themselves with their backs to the wall, they tend to unite against the enemy.

Even though heinous acts of criminality continue to be committed against innocent citizens, recent police statistics show that the crime rate is down, and while it is true, we should not rejoice as yet, even though there are significantly less murders and armed robberies today.

The police are at the frontline in fighting crime, but as we have repeatedly emphasised they cannot do it alone. They need the support of all in society. Serious work is required to stem the devastating effects of crime, and no amount of effort must be spared to protect the lives and properties of our citizens. It can begin with each of us and extend to our circles of influence.

With the crime rate down, the nation is breathing a sigh of relief. The police have the opportunity to take more drastic action to force the criminals to change their ways. Everyone – rich, poor, and in-between – should stand together against criminals in order to ensure our safety.

It is clear that the last administration did not have the wherewithal to fight crime and despite the criticisms levelled against them by the coalition parties, they did very little to solve the crime spree.

Even though they tightened the laws, they did not work. Because as we all know, laws by themselves would not go far in solving crimes. Their anti-crime measures were weak and their silence allowed the criminals to torment and terrorize law-abiding citizens with impunity. In a country with billions of dollars in revenue annually, it was nothing short of an obscenity that the last government gave us a pappy show in regards of solving crime.

As we have said repeatedly in this space, crime is a pressing issue and should not be taken lightly. The nation must not be held hostage again by criminals as it was under the last administration. This government has mobilized the people to support in whatever way they can, and has employed strategies that seem to be working, because crime has reduced.

The negative impact crime has had on our society is unacceptable. It has affected the integrity of the nation and driven fear in the minds of the people. All in society must come together forthwith to reign in the criminals. Being in office for only two years, the government has done what the last administration did not do in two decades; that is, reducing crime. But it must do more. It must enhance the capacity of the security forces, procure and adopt the latest technology, train staff constantly and review all of the present structures for possible expansion.

We are currently facing difficult and quite challenging circumstances within our prison system, but if we are to be fair in a general sense, it would not be too much to extend kudos to the police.

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  • chandraksingh  On 07/28/2017 at 3:23 pm

    Your editorial is sickening. I am so nauseated by your paper.

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