Everything can always work out – Commentary by Oliver Mills

Everything can always work out – Commentary by Oliver Mills

Published on July 19, 2017 – Caribbean News Now

Oliver Mills

Caribbean culture has conditioned us to believe that life is a struggle, that there are always hurdles, and even people with unwelcoming attitudes, who will always make things difficult for us. Our history has been misinterpreted to make us feel as victims, when we are the victors. And our societies have been structured in such a way to make us feel that there will always be the haves and the have nots, and disadvantage and bad breaks are a part of life.

But all this belongs in the realm of mythology, and false beliefs. The true situation is, we were born to be achievers, to manage all challenges, and to succeed at everything we put our minds and strength to. Because everything can always work out in our interest.  

This is because of having the winner mentality. With a winner’s outlook, we see the positive in everything, and no matter how gloomy the situation, everything will always work out to our satisfaction. A winner looks beyond the now, and sees the intended end results. This attitude roars up the energy and perseverance to move on, amidst all obstacles.

Once we shake off the lethargy, and the naysayers, we step up to complete our project. What is meant to discourage gives the drive and determination to overcome and succeed. When others attempt to keep us back, they are unknowingly helping us to move forward. Once we persevere with a deep knowing and confidence, everything will always work out as we intend.

Another tonic which gives us the strength to realize our destiny is good company. With it, our spirits are kept high. We come to see the value of laughter, kindness, and humour. And good company puts us, and keeps us in the frame of mind which urges us on, helps us to look beyond the sea, towards the shore, and convinces us that what is for us we will get, and it cannot be taken away.

As a Caribbean saying goes, ‘What is for you, can’t be not for you.’ This shows everything will always work out for us, and can, despite opposition. Good company keeps us psychologically fit, so we are able to cross the many rivers in our way towards our goals. And good company cheers us on, values our efforts, encourages us, and provides the adrenalin that gives us hope to always not look back. A positive, ‘can do’ attitude, then sustains us, and we emerge in full blossom. Any initial unpleasantness is converted into benefits.

When we discover that the later, more mature part of our lives is more rewarding than our earlier experiences, we are then convinced that everything can, and will always work out. Where in a previous situation we played second fiddle, now we are the masters of our destiny.

This is because we gain wisdom from our previous, less mature life, and use it to manage our actions to better effect. We become more reasonable and understanding of each other, more tolerant, and more forgiving. The deficits we incurred earlier are converted into surpluses, and better opportunities replace the apparent initial stalemate in our lives, when we felt we were going nowhere. Situations can change for the better, and everything can always work out.

Having a spiritual sensitivity to all things is a factor to everything we engage in working out for us. And we can have it all. A spiritual sensitivity implies a clear knowing things will work out which goes beyond mere belief. It is having a feeling of being directly connected to our greater selves, having conversations with ourselves, and having these manifested in concrete happenings on our behalf, which make our situation better, and dispenses with fear. Everything then works out for us, and since we have a strong belief it will.

Our spiritual self is connected to a greater essence that creates everything, owns everything, and can do everything. Here, everything unfolds, and works out, as we become co-creators of what happens. Whatever we want happen we can will it to, since our higher selves act to make it so. We therefore act from a place of transcendence to bring anything to fruition, realize our capabilities, and so whatever we want, or desire, we can activate the process, so that everything works out as we intended it to.

Oliver Mills is a former lecturer in education at the University of the West Indies Mona Campus. He holds an M.Ed degree. from Dalhousie University in Canada, an MA from the University of London and a post-graduate diploma in HRM and Training, University of Leicester. He is a past Permanent Secretary in Education with the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Source: http://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/news/newspublish/home.print.php?news_id=35113

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  • ndtewarie  On 07/27/2017 at 7:46 am

    I have to quote this gentleman who asked, “How do we mould a country?” Imagination, intelligence and integrity, sometimes simple decency, it works as well. Talking about gossip he remarked, “We can’t afford it; we’re a little nation. We need to think and act outside of our skins. Every day must be about excellence without let-up, until we drop; where every person feels like a leader because every person is a leader.” He said that even a man who has a family is a leader, but stops being a leader when he beats his wife. “Then he becomes a word; coward, a coward. You can’t build a nation from cowardice, you can’t do it; you destroy it like that. Our country can be a very, very special place, but we need to take practical steps to make it real.”


    Lets get to the very real story
    And review our sorry history
    Firstly our leaders vied for Independence
    Its our right its to get rid of our hindrance
    Promising progress with very lofty idealism
    Then the Big Two accused us of Communism
    Got instead a lukewarm brand of Socialism
    Those were the hot days of Cold Wars’ ism
    We ended up with a big dose of corruption
    Racialism, bloodshed and sheer destruction
    The people run away from their beloved Guyana
    To England and to the cold harsh North America
    Causing a huge brain drain leaving Guyana rudderless
    Various parties struggling they too come up clueless
    The good ol’ days when rigged ballots rained
    And at the same time coffers were drained
    As the other parties jump and take over
    So did the people as some run for cover
    But a simple Guyanese people we are
    Don’t want to relive another Wismar
    After 51 years we still have a chance
    We’ve to stop this bias racial dance
    Sadly politicians would never change
    Its like telling a dog it has bad mange
    The two races have to come together
    Live again like sister and like brother
    We have to be Guyanese again not a black man
    Think like a Guyanese and not like a coolie man
    Be accepted as real down earth Guyanese
    You be Chinese, Amer-Indian or Portuguese
    Maybe our last chance to make it
    Or hate will drive us out of our wit
    And politicians on both sides please pard!
    Stop hiding, reciting playing the race card
    There are some things we have to eradicate
    Stop fighting one another and stop the hate
    Talk to one another stop deny we’re steeped in racialism
    Stop lying, face the fact, we have far too much nepotism
    Govern for everyone bring back equality
    Or drop the darn “e” and focus on quality
    Pray to the one Above
    For all we need is Love
    Listen people take heed
    For Love is all you need.

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