Guyana Community Outreach Fund – DONATE – Helping Flood Victims in Guyana

From: Francis Yvonne Jackson
Guyana Community Outreach Fund, NFP

Dear Fellow Guyanese and friends

Summer months are here, hope you and your family are enjoying the days filled with lots of fun and excitement; stories to tell – moments to share.

For me, the month of June, 2017 day 21, was where I attained the age of biblical entitlement.  It means that I have been blessed to celebrate my 75th birthday.  Many of my relatives and friends have gone on to be with the lord but I am here to help others as ordained upon me by the omnipotent.

A few months ago via the online news, I saw residents in  a village called Breeze Point,  East Coast Demerara, in my homeland wearing no shoes, feet flat in the mud and some with shoes in disrepair, I felt I had to make a call to Guyana Foundation rendering some assistance in collecting shoes for these residents.    

May 2017, in conversation with the Foundation, I was asked to assist residents in Region 9, who were the victims of severe flooding; they have been homeless and had to be moved from their homes to a shelter.  It was so sad to watch the disruption of these families with nothing left but the clothes on their backs.

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Guyana Community Outreach Fund, NFP

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  • N. Levine  On 07/14/2017 at 6:58 am

    Good Morning from Canada!
    I married a Gyanesse woman 23 years ago and I have learned alot about Guyana in more ways than one,all being good.
    The experience I had while travelling there changed my life and opened my eyes towards poverty. I truly understand the struggle and hardships family endure on a daily basis. Our families and friend’s
    in Ontario try to send barrels to Guyana with a variety of clothing, food products etc etc. I wish there was a depot in Toronto where people could donate and drop off educational item, clothing, decent used products to help those in need! I have sent enough barrels to date to fill a container but barrels are now expensive, shopping and food products are out of our reach. If you know of a reputable agency, or contacts, let us know.
    There are alot of Canadians that have extra shoes in their closets to help the families of this flooded community.

  • francis jackson  On 07/19/2017 at 6:52 pm

    Dear Mr. N Levine – thanks for your missive to my solicitation effort for Guyana, my homeland. I am Guyanese living in the US for quite some time; I never left.
    The need in some parts of Guyana is great and deserve our attention those of us living in the diaspora. I saw a few women without shoes via Guyana Foundation posts, in Breeze Point a squatting area without shoes; I decided to mobilize and sensitize friends and fellow countryman to give a pair of shoes to someone in need; hence the shoe project. Subsequently there was a need for other items so I made the project all inclusive, shoes et,al. Maybe several organizations in Canada can form a cluster group and address the needs of others back home. We are our brothers keepers. The response to my shoe drive has been overwhelming and I am greatful to the omnipotent for his guidance, and support from everyone here in Chicago, and elsewhere who have made a contribution. The recipients will have smiles on their faces to know that someone/group care about them.

    • Youman  On 07/20/2017 at 9:07 am

      This is an interesting article
      We from UK send a couple of barrels at Christmas to different sites with new products and treats to eat. Last year we sent it with my uncle who gave it to shri lakshmi dular of la parasite harmony housing scheme west bank who was suppose to give the barrels to the shri surya narayan mandir. It contained items donated by white English. We are still waiting on an acknowledgement so I can show the children and parents.

  • francis jackson  On 07/20/2017 at 4:23 pm

    Mr. Youman, you are not the only one who have complained about a no response acknowledgement to gifts sent for the needy to our homeland. I dont know what it will take to say ‘thank you’ and to ensure that the items individuals and or organizations sent will be given to persons that they are intended for. Maybe you should write an article about this issue and submit it to the daily newspaper. One lady from Brooklyn, sent clothing and she went unknown to the recipient and saw the clothes for sale at Anna Regina market. Another big soul sent three beds and is still waiting for a response. I can go on and on; but will stop here. I know how you feel.

    • Youman  On 07/20/2017 at 4:54 pm

      Very sad indeed . We give it to different charities and we always get a nice letter. My uncle is elderly and should have given it direct instead of this woman who is president of the women group. It was 2 barrels full of brand new underwear, toiletries and chocolate. I just hope she handed it over.

      I think this year I will give it a miss because I will give to a charity here in uk at Christmas.

      People have asked to see the letter and want to contribute again but I sm wasting their time and money

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