Guyana: PPP GOVERNMENT LAND GIVEAWAY – By Verian Mentis-Barker




To understand this we will have to go back a few centuries to establish the mores of the Guyanese East Indian and the Guyanese African and the learned behavior that shreds the homogeneity constantly challenged in the country’s motto, One People One Nation and One Destiny.

So, those who prefer to be informed by bullet points or lightly tossed baseless banter could check out now.

This is serious stuff.   

It was the Plantocracy’s letter to the Moyne Commission during its fact finding assignment, January 27th to February 20th 1939, to British Guiana, to inquire in to labor unrest and general disgruntlement, that gave us their impression of the African Laborer: “the black man, ‘essentially gay, light hearted, emotional person, fatalistic in attitude of life, and as a rule, taking no thought for the morrow…his main requirements are food, shelter bright attractive clothing, a little spare money for rum and gambling and an easy opportunity for love making.”

It was Governor Collet, during the influenza epidemic of 1918 -1919 who argued that the “Indian labourer ‘deliberately underfed [himself] to save money …. when he receives higher wages, he wants to save them and grudges spending more on food than he used to”; implying that his weakened state from deliberately placing saving money ahead of buying food made him prone to the disease.

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      PDF FILE below.. Showing Land distribution by the PPP Government

      Download ,,,,,PPP-LAND-GIVEAWAY PDF File – compressed

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