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A World in Trouble: Drought, War, Food, Flight

A World in Trouble: Drought, War, Food, Flight

The disruptions of climate and conflict are sparking perilous global insecurity

Paul Rogers

Friday, July 07, 2017 by OpenDemocracy.net – by  Paul Rogers

 ‘What seems to be most significant today, and increasingly accepted within the FAO and other agencies, is that climate change is becoming a permanent reality affecting food supplies in many parts of the world. It is not something for the future, but is happening now.’ (Photo: Asian Development Bank/flickr/cc)

Six years ago there were fears of a transnational famine developing across much of eastern Africa. At least 11 million people were at risk in what might have been the worst disaster of its kind since the early 1970s (see “A world in hunger: east Africa and beyond“, 21 July 2011).     Continue reading

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 06 July 2017

Guyana: Capitol TV News Videos – 06 July 2017

Guyanese Marcus Bisram arrested in the United States. Bisram is accused of masterminding the murder of carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt last Oct in Berbice

Posted: 06 Jul 2017 12:48 PM PDT

A local church will be playing the good Samaritan role and donating back to school items for those in need

Posted: 06 Jul 2017 12:44 PM PDT

Plans are in place for the staging of this year’s annual Emancipation Day Festival

Posted: 06 Jul 2017 12:39 PM PDT

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau: ‘The European Union Must Decide’

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau: ‘The European Union Must Decide’

In an interview, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discusses free trade, climate change and his country’s delicate relationship with its neighbor to the south: Donald Trump’s United States.

Justin Trudeau address crowd in Montreal

Interview Conducted by Klaus Brinkbäumer and Barbara Hans | Der Spiegel Online

Justin Trudeau, 45, has been Canadian prime minister for 18 months, and he is the polar opposite of U.S. President Donald Trump. Inviting. Unafraid. Funny. Liberal. He is an advocate of climate protection and migration; when Trump announced his intention to build a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico, Trudeau said that Canada welcomes the world with open arms.    Continue reading

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