Behavioral Inconsistencies & Misplaced Priorities – By Yvonne Sam

Behavioral Inconsistencies & Misplaced Priorities

By Yvonne Sam

Permit me to express my concurrence with the views expressed by Freddie Kissoon, Kaieteur News, June 30, 2017 “Boom Out Baby you have a small mind.” (see below), regarding the blatant dereliction and abandonment of Guyanese social media as it relates to ongoing incidents of serious communal concern—– Incidents that have failed to arouse their conscious psyche or at best engage their cognition!   Incidents that have reflected behavioural inconsistency amidst misplaced priorities!   

Recently the displayed infantilism of a Minister triggered a barrage of criticisms, yet on the other hand the recent stabbing death of an inmate in the New Amsterdam prison, the pervasive life-claiming negligence by doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital, the disproportionate jail sentences especially in the case of the youths fell short of having letters of interest transmitted to the mainstream press demanding explanations etc.  The evils that plague Guyana are many and while Freddie feels that small or narrow minds may be the contributory agent(s) for the preoccupation with Minister Broome’s selfie, but  I do respectfully beg to deviate somewhat.

Caspar Hare, a philosopher attached to M.I.T( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) introduced egocentric solipsism which is a weak form of solipsism,  (from Latin solus –alone and ipse – self) in which other persons can be conscious, but their experiences are simply not present.

I lay no claim to being a diagnostician of any sort, but my time, experience and wisdom garnered thus far on Planet Earth  has shown me that the citizens in Guyana, as well their minds are a long way off from going the route of writing the newspapers or the press, expressing their concerns or soliciting answers.

In the well-known Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Little-Bo Peep,  on discovery of the fact that the sheep were  missing, received  advice, reassurance and caution — that they should be left alone and they would come home, indicating that despite being lost they were cognizant of the location of their home.  Permit me to state that in the case of the current inhabitants of Guyana unlike the lost sheep they can only come home— if they know the way.

Yvonne Sam

Boom out, baby! You have a small mind!

The English philosopher, John Stuart wrote; “How can great minds be produced in a country where the test of great minds is agreeing in the opinions of small minds?” One of the greatest French writers ever, Victor Hugo, wrote; “Wide horizons lead the soul to broad ideas; circumscribed horizons engender narrow ideas; this sometimes condemn great hearts to become small minded.”

Because I live in Guyana and I see the asininities that are interwoven in the nation’s fabric, I find three quotations on small minds poetically beautiful in their relevance to Guyana. I am particularly fond of what a former Prime Minister of the UK, Benjamin Disraeli once observed; “Small things affect small minds.” English writer Doris Lessing also observed; “Small things amuse small minds.” The great religious figure Sathya Sai Baba once noted that; “Small minds select narrow roads.”

People here demonstrate the infinitesimal minds they live with when you see their priorities. In Guyana, heart-breaking events compete with hilarities for the attention of the population, and predictably, the preoccupation is with the facetious, inconsequential dimensions of existence. There is only one word to describe the nature of such a land, “tragic.”

Minister Broomes manufactured a ‘selfie’ in Parliament in which she constantly repeats the expression, “boom out” in satirical mockery of Bharrat Jagdeo (given his track record and what he did to Varshnie Singh can you blame people who caricature him?).

Social media saw a plethora of condemnations and the mainstream media was deluged with harsh criticisms. The main points – not in Parliament, and she is a minister. Point taken! And very seriously too. If I was asked if I agree with what she did, I would definitely say no.

But there are extremely sad things that take place daily in Guyana, and the playfield of social media is deserted and the mainstream press will go out of business if they wait to see a letter of interest.

Not one person thought it was necessary to write to the newspapers enquiring why a 10-year-old child kicked in the stomach was sent home the same day from the hospital. She died days after and the post mortem revealed internal poisoning from ruptured organs. This child died because of medical incompetence at the Georgetown Hospital.

No one sent in an enraged missive to the newspapers, but people are fuming about Broomes’ “boom out” selfie. The stories of unnecessary death at the hands of incompetent doctors at public hospitals are a national disgrace. How about one of those who didn’t like the “boom out” selfie write the press asking for a Commission of Inquiry? I don’t think we will see that. Small minds only concentrate on small things.

Magistrates all over this wasteland are sending people to jail, a majority of whom are pretty young; we don’t see even half a letter. Really! Who cares about Broomes and her “boom out” selfie? Oh yes. I beg your pardon! There are people who care. Those with tiny minds.

We are living in self-destructive times in this country. I haven’t seen one comment from anyone outside of the political arena, that is, society itself, that condemned the licence fee-rise for animal-drawn carts. The government has to get revenue, but don’t tell me one of the ways is upping the tax on animal-drawn carriages.

I haven’t seen a letter in the press the past twenty years inquiring why we do not have an active consumer affairs association. I haven’t seen a comment in the media the past twenty years lamenting the absence of an active human rights body. After Broomes, who next will we write on? Certainly not erring doctors. Certainly not erring magistrates. Certainly not the things that break the hearts of the average human being.

It tantalizes my mind that someone can read about people dying unnecessarily at the Georgetown Hospital, but can actually take the time to send in a letter on the “boom out” selfie. It lacerates my soul that a poor person appears without a lawyer in front of a magistrate and is put on $100,000 bail for stealing a $60,000 watch and goes to the Camp Street lock up because they cannot raise that amount. But former ministers charged with stealing over $600 million of public money are granted a million in bail.

So who next is going to do a “boom out” selfie, say in one of the ministries or at the Pegasus or Marriott? I want to see a minister doing a selfie in the zoo, to see what reaction that will generate. “Boom out”, until tomorrow’s column.

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  • Janet  On 07/04/2017 at 5:59 am

    Politicians are colluding with with former politicians of the same persuasion to confiscate innocent citizens property. The policemen are corrupt and arrest innocent citizens ,place them in jail. They are given bail and when found innocent the bail is not returned to the innocent person. Corruption is endemic in the police force and politicians turn a blind eye.

  • Albert  On 07/04/2017 at 12:07 pm

    In the big picture poor countries like Guyana are developing on a western capitalist model but dont have the resources to deal with the challenges that comes goes with such development. Institutions, well meaning people, crooks copy ideas from the developed west, introduce them locally, but government programs take a long time to catch up, if ever.

  • Gigi  On 07/04/2017 at 10:17 pm

    In this backwards place called Guyana, only a person who pimps for politicians in the form of “helping poor working girls” is made a politician and given freedom to carry on such normal behaviors in public for the amusement of her clients to make them feel comfortable and at home while at work. Keeping it real for the peeps! But no DC madam this one! Too many lacking fundamentals! All in a day’s work in the life of these PNC women who are passed around among the dogs and spend more time on their knees and backs than their backsides! THEY ARE NOT THE ROLE MODELS FOR GUYANESE WOMEN REGARDLESS OF HOW SMALL MINDED OTHERS MAY BE LABELED FOR EXPOSING THEIR ROLES AND CALLING OUT THEIR ACTIONS!!!

    Try Again!

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