The Future Of Work Is Already Here – The “Gig Economy”- By Michael Solomon

The Future Of Work Is Already Here

An interview with Michael Solomon, founder of 10x Management, on the rise of the freelancer and what happens next.

While we’ve been busy talking politics and debating healthcare, the future of work has already arrived. A massive shift away from traditional positions and professions has occurred, with up to 35% of workers in the United States participating in what’s been coined as the “gig economy.” It may sound like hipster lingo, but the gig economy refers to a work market in which the jobs are done via contract by freelancers. And it is definitely not a fad.

The growth of the gig economy is expected to rise exponentially as technology and internet access booms, enabling even highly skilled workers to make a living using platforms online.    

As freelancing becomes more popular, so rises the remote worker. More than a quarter of all Americans say they worked remotely for a significant portion of the work week last year, enabling focus on better work-life balance and allowing employers to cut down on infrastructure costs.   [Read more]

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