Is the iPhone the crack cocaine of technology? OR…. Is it ‘My electronic Swiss army knife’ – 2 articles

The iPhone is the crack cocaine of technology. Don’t celebrate its birthday

Steve Jobs introduces the i-Phone in 2007

Apple’s device, now 10 years old, has ushered in an era of unprecedented connectivity. It has also nurtured widespread, crippling addiction

‘One in three adults admits to checking their phone in the middle of the night; 9% say they check their smartphone during sex.’ Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007.
The pallid blue light of my phone cut through the gloom of my bedroom. I turned over, reached for it and read an email that had just come in. Before putting my phone down again, I looked at the time. 2.03 am. “What am I doing?” I asked myself as I drifted back to sleep………   [Read more]

Also read: ‘My electronic Swiss army knife’ below   

‘My electronic Swiss army knife’: readers on 10 years of the iPhone

Revolutionary, life-changing… a bit annoying? Guardian readers around the world on a decade of iPhones and the wider smartphone revolution

‘They got the fundamentals absolutely right’

Lots of people seemed to think it was hopelessly complicated, or hopelessly simple — and definitely hopelessly expensive. I think a few of us geeks realised that it was a breakthrough for useable mobile computing, but I don’t think anyone really saw that devices like the iPhone would become the main computing device for almost everyone, and would work their way into so many areas of people’s lives so quickly. ….  [Read more]

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 07/01/2017 at 2:52 pm

    Crack cocaine or electronic Swiss army knife? Depends on the individual, I guess. Based on my observations of its hold on users worldwide, its a black hole of distraction and control. I continue to resist, but its magnetic force grows stronger.

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