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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – June 29-July 01, 2017

News – 01 July 2017

The Economist explains… Why is Canada’s 150th birthday controversial?

The Economist explains… Why is Canada’s 150th birthday controversial?

The country is still wrestling with its historical mistreatment of indigenous people

The Economist explains  -Jun 29th 2017 – by

Guyana: NGSA 2017 – National Grade Six Assessment 2017 – Results

Results of National Grade Six Assessment 2017

The results of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) written on 12 and 13 April 2017 are being released to schools. Thirteen thousand three hundred twenty-nine candidates wrote this assessment. The results being released give a report on the candidates’ performance at National Grade Six Assessment.

You can read some of the results here: 


Download: http://demerarawaves.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/NGSA2017.pdf

Also:…   Go to the Ministry of Education website to access all results:  https://education.gov.gy/web/

Note: You will need the candidate’s number Date of Birth and School attended to access the results.

Report from Kaieteur News – 01 July 2017

‘School of the Nations’ girl is 2017 NGSA top performer

Read full report here: http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2017/07/01/school-of-the-nations-girl-is-2017-ngsa-top-performer/



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Is the iPhone the crack cocaine of technology? OR…. Is it ‘My electronic Swiss army knife’ – 2 articles

The iPhone is the crack cocaine of technology. Don’t celebrate its birthday

Steve Jobs introduces the i-Phone in 2007

Apple’s device, now 10 years old, has ushered in an era of unprecedented connectivity. It has also nurtured widespread, crippling addiction

‘One in three adults admits to checking their phone in the middle of the night; 9% say they check their smartphone during sex.’ Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007.
The pallid blue light of my phone cut through the gloom of my bedroom. I turned over, reached for it and read an email that had just come in. Before putting my phone down again, I looked at the time. 2.03 am. “What am I doing?” I asked myself as I drifted back to sleep………   [Read more]

Also read: ‘My electronic Swiss army knife’ below   

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The Tri-State Alliance: A Taste Of Guyana – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

A Taste Of Guyana By the Tri-State Alliance – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The Guyana Tri-State Alliance has been around for more than 26 years. Each year, it has honored Guyanese of distinction. This year, a large crowd met at Brooklyn Borough Hall to celebrate the achievements of Guyanese from different professions.

The function observed the 51st anniversary of Guyana’s independence and it was held under the patronage of the Honorable Eric L. Adams, Brooklyn Borough President and Councilman Dr. Mathieu Eugene, who represents the 40th Council District of Brooklyn. Guyana’s Head of State, His Excellency Mr. David Granger, said that we should respect the differences in a diverse society and should have mutual respect for each other.    Continue reading

The Catholic Church: Australian Cardinal George Pell fights sexual abuse charges

Cardinal George Pell’s profile: the pope’s Australian hardman faces the fight of his life

Cardinal George Pell

David Marr  commentary …. on the long and often controversial career of a ‘bright kid’ who rose from rural Australia to the highest reaches of the Catholic church.

bright kid from an Australian bush town, George Pell kept his nose clean as he rose through the ranks to become chief of the Vatican’s finances. Despite a notably hard heart he was always a valuable asset to the church as a fearless conservative ideologue and a fine administrator.

Young Pell was plucked from Australia to train in Rome and at Oxford for the big career that was always beckoning. He returned to serve briefly and unhappily in a remote parish on the Murray before being brought into the heart of the diocese of Ballarat which was a hell of child abuse.

Pell swears he saw little or nothing in those years.       [Read more]