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Father said… – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Father with Baby Daughter - A girl's first love is her Daddy

Father said not to worry about anything.
He was working to provide for my needs.
And I believed him.

Father said he would never let anyone hurt me.
He was there to protect me, Mother, and my brother Paul.
And I believed him.

Father said not to worry about climate change;
the science is still debatable.
And I believed him.

Father said the abortion of an unborn child is an abomination.
Life is sacred. Only God can take a life.
And I believed him.

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Happy Father’s Day To All The Moms Doing Double Duty

Cartoon – Kaieteur News  – June 18, 2017

Caribbean Life News Update – New York – June 17, 2017

Community News Group
One Metrotech Center North, Suite 1001. Brooklyn, NY 11201

More companies looking for oil and gas off Guyana


Its offshore concession just a few miles from where ExxonMobil found large deposits of oil and gas two years ago, so Tullow Oil of the UK and Eco Atlantic Oil and Gas of Canada have announced plans to begin aggressive exploration of their own bloc, confident that the basin is rich in resources officials said this week.

Guyana Independence celebration in NY ‘epic’


Chair of the Brooklyn-based Guyana Independence Anniversary Celebration Committee (New York), Rickford Burke, has described as “epic” the 2017 Guyana Independence celebrations in the Big Apple.

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Buxton-Friendship Heritage Fund – Annual Summer Soiree – Brooklyn NY – July 1, 2017

‘We Want Justice’: Prime Minister Forced to Flee as Londoners Protest Deadly Fire

‘We Want Justice’: Prime Minister Forced to Flee as Londoners Protest Deadly Fire

“People should be held to account,” said Labour MP David Lammy

In the wake of the deadly fire that devastated residents of London’s Grenfell Tower—a fire believed to have been caused in part by government neglect and design flaws stemming from an effort to make the building look nicer to appease the wealthy—hundreds took to the streets on Friday to demand swift action from the British government.

Prime Minister Theresa May was close to the scene, but she soon had to be “rushed away under heavy police guard” as protesters chanted “May must go!” and “Shame on you!” Reuters reported.     Continue reading

Father’s Day for only the Good Fathers – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Father’s Day for only the Good Fathers – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Be it books, songs, movies, business establishments, television and radio programmes, I am always fascinated with titles. For example, the title of the book “To Sir, With Love”, by ER Braithwaite, which went on to be the title of a song and later the title of a movie. It is the type of title which fascinates me. Now, here is the title of an informative Radio programme by Dr. Rovin Deodat which really attracts me; it is entitled, “Have You ever Wondered?” I am extremely fascinated with that programme title, and of course, the content of the programme, since one is almost always learning something new for the better part, when listening to that particular radio programme.

Now let me pose the following question which is part of the focus of this feature on Father’s Day 2017; Have you ever wondered who is the oldest father now in Guyana? Subject to correction, he is 106 year old Gladstone Mack of South Sophia Georgetown.      Continue reading

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