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GNAA: Guyanese Nurses Association of America – Annual CookOut in NYC – July 8. 2017

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GNAA: Guyanese Nurses Association of America – presents Demerara Gold in NYC – July 1. 2017

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I’ve Never Voted with Hope Before. Jeremy Corbyn Has Changed That – George Monbiot | The Guardian UK

I’ve Never Voted with Hope Before. Jeremy Corbyn Has Changed That

The Labour leader’s improved performance and raft of popular policies have given me an unfamiliar feeling as I prepare to go to the polls: OPTIMISM

George Monbiot | The Guardian UK

How they mocked …. My claim, in a Guardian video a month ago, that Labour could turn this election around, was received with hilarity. “Fantasy Island”, “pure pie in the sky”, “delusional”, “magical thinking”, “grow up” were among the gentler comments.

The election campaign, almost everyone agreed, would be a victory lap for the Conservatives. The only question was whether Theresa May would gain a massive majority or a spectacular one. Now the braying voices falter.

Could it really happen? No prediction, in these volatile times, should carry much weight.

But this we can say: a Labour win is no longer an impossible dream. It is certainly a dream, for those of us who have been waiting, longer than my adult life, for a government beholden only to the people, rather than to the City or the owners of newspapers. But it is now a plausible one. And why not?       Continue reading

Leyland Muss: Durham Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award in Human Resources

Leyland Muss awarded Durham Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award in Human Resources 

Leyland Muss

Guyana-born Leyland Muss, a Queen’s College alumnus, and one of the founders of the Queen’s College Alumni Association of Guyana – Toronto Chapter, was recently awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by the Human Resources Professional Association – Durham Chapter in recognition of his demonstrated excellence in leadership and contribution to the human resources profession. He is the first non-Canadian born professional to receive this honour.

The criteria for the award includes advocating excellence in the leadership of Human Resources, providing opportunities of professional development and advancement of others in the HR profession, demonstrating influence or achievement in the workplace or private practice, demonstrating a contribution to the community at large and demonstrates personal integrity.    Continue reading

“Forget Terrorism”: The Real Reason Behind The Qatar Crisis Is Natural Gas – By Tyler Durden

“Forget Terrorism”: The Real Reason Behind The Qatar Crisis Is Natural Gas

According to the official narrative, the reason for the latest Gulf crisis in which a coalition of Saudi-led states cut off diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar, is because – to everyone’s “stunned amazement” – Qatar was funding terrorists, and after Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia in which he urged a crackdown on financial support of terrorism, and also following the FT’s report that Qatar has directly provided $1 billion in funding to Iran and al-Qaeda spinoffs, Saudi Arabia finally had had enough of its “rogue” neighbor, which in recent years had made ideologically unacceptable overtures toward both Shia Iran and Russia.

However, as often happens, the official narrative is traditionally a convenient smokescreen from the real underlying tensions.    Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief – June 5, 2017 – video

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – June 5, 2017

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