Guyana: Independence Day messages – 2017

Independence Day messages – 2017


President’s Independence Day Message 2017


PNCR sees avenues for forging of new democratic culture

AS WE celebrate the 51st Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) salutes all Guyanese, both here at home and our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, on our achievement of yet another year as a politically independent people and country.

The political developments of the past two years have opened new avenues for the forging of a new democratic culture so necessary for the achievement of real independence and social progress in our country. Our Party is confident that if as a nation we can build a truly inclusive political culture in which all stakeholders are allowed to play a meaningful role and which can create an enabling environment for the orderly development of the nation, we can look forward to a future that is politically successful, economically self-sustaining and culturally rewarding.

As we celebrate this 51st anniversary of Independence, the PNCR pledge to work with all responsible and reliable forces whose aim is to forge social cohesion and national unity. We believe that working together we can ameliorate the many known problems which have be-deviled our country and stymied our development. The PNCR is proud of our record in government and the important role that our Party and our Founder Leader, Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham played in our country’s struggle for independence.
Happy 51st Independence, Guyana!

PPP: ‘We must toil harder to bring greater ethnic, religious and class unity’

THE Independence Anniversary of any nation is a time for both celebrations and reflections. As we celebrate this 51st Independence Anniversary, we must celebrate and salute the sacrifices and struggles of our leaders and fore-bearers who toiled indomitably to win, firstly, internal self-government and ultimately, political independence, from our colonial masters after centuries of brutal slavery, servitude and exploitation by foreign forces.
The PPP is proud of the leading role it played in this struggle.

It is also a time for us to reflect upon the type of society and country that those who fought so relentlessly to liberate us from colonial rule, wanted to build and fashion for our future generations and to engage in a national introspection in order to examine, whether as a people and nation, we have achieved those objectives and realized those dreams.
It is only by engaging in such self-examination, can we be able to measure our progress, recognize our strengths, identify our weaknesses and appreciate our challenges–all of which are so necessary for our future advancement as a people.

The PPP has done this self-examination and wishes to acknowledge that although we have implemented transformative changes in Guyana during our tenure in office, we have to persevere even more, to bring greater ethnic, religious and class unity among our people; We have to toil even harder, to bring greater economic and social prosperity to this land and we have to dedicate even more energies to improve our system of government, strengthen our democratic institutions and enhance the rights and freedoms of our people, if we are to realize the aspirations and goals of our independence architects. The PPP takes this opportunity once again to recommit ourselves to those independence ideals and pledge to continue to work selflessly with our people as they traverse along that path to achieve them.

CARICOM hails Guyana on 51 Independence

“On behalf of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) I extend warm congratulations to the Government and People of Guyana on the occasion of the 51st Anniversary of the country’s Independence, Secretary General of Caricom, Irwin LaRocque has said.
He said Guyana has a proud tradition of being a leader in regional integration and has provided leadership to the Community in the area of Agriculture in its role as the country responsible for that sector in the CARICOM Quasi-Cabinet.

The progress made by Guyana over the last five decades is indicative of the determination and resilience of its citizens. This allied with the country’s natural resources, fertile agricultural lands, and thrust to a green economy bodes well for the nation’s future. This is underscored by the theme for this year’s celebration – Unity in Diversity in a Green Economy. Guyana has a proud tradition of being a leader in regional integration and has provided leadership to the Community in the area of Agriculture in its role as the country responsible for that sector in the CARICOM Quasi-Cabinet.

The Caribbean Community joins with the Government and People of Guyana in their celebration of this milestone and looks forward to continuing the journey together towards further progress of the country and the Region.”

Let’s realise true national unity-IAC

THE Indian Action Committee (IAC) wishes to convey greetings to all Guyanese citizens on the occasion of the Independence of Guyana from British colonial rule on 26th May, 1966; fifty one years ago.

The IAC calls upon all Guyanese citizens to remember and recognize all those persons who contributed to the ending of British colonial rule in Guyana including former Presidents,Cheddi Jagan, Forbes Burnham and Janet Jagan, and stalwarts of the struggle for national liberation like Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow, Jocelyn Hubbard, Joseph Pollydore, Ramkarran, Ashton Chase SC, Jainarine Singh, E.M.G. Wilson, Cedric Vernon Nunes, Martin Carter, Rory Westmaas, Eusi Kwayana, Brindley Benn, Moses Bhagwan and Reepu Daman Persaud.
The IAC, in recognition of the challenging history of Guyana during the past fifty one years dominated by authoritarian rule (1968-1992) and, especially the period from 1962 to 1964 when there was a state of undeclared civil war which resulted in:

1. Over 200 persons losing their lives
2. Over 900 persons suffering physical injuries
3. About 2700 terrorized families being displaced from their homes as villages were engulfed in orgies of ethnic cleansing
4. Over 1700 cases of arson in which over 300 business places and houses were completely destroyed by fire during wanton acts of terror
5. Losses of over US$ 20 million in the local economy as opposed to an investment of US$2.2 million used to destabilize pre- Independence British Guiana,according to U.S. declassified documents.
6. The destruction of the Indo-Guyanese community at the adjoining villages of Wismar and Christianburg, where all 87 business premises and 215 homes owned and occupied by Indo-Guyanese were deliberately destroyed by fire between 24th and 25th May, 1964 followed by the evacuation of almost 3400 Indo- Guyanese persons under the protection of British military forces on 26th May, 1964, exactly two years before Independence.

The IAC joins with the political parties, religious bodies, trade unions and other civil society groups in the call for inclusion, genuine and lasting national unity in the drive towards economic development and prosperity. The IAC has recognized recent endeavors by certain elements of Guyanese society to ludicrously portray the false impression that Indo- Guyanese were not involved in any meaningful manner in the struggles for Independence from colonial rule and therefore, to counter this anti- national behavior, the organization will resist any attempt, whether intentional or unintentional, whether subtle or openly, to miniaturise, minimise, deny or erase the important role played by Indo- Guyanese during the struggle for Independence.

To this end the IAC will continue to host lectures to highlight the contributions of Indo- Guyanese struggle. The IAC wishes to inform the citizens of Guyana that the organisation has heard the call by the APNU- AFC Coalition Government for inclusion and social cohesion but feels strongly that this call must be matched by action on the ground and, therefore, now calls upon the government to reach out to the sections of Guyanese society that did not vote for it in May 2015, so that real social cohesion and national unity may be achieved.
Let us all resolve to realise the dream of our foreparents and Independence heroes and heroines to make our 51st Anniversary a true national event. The IAC wishes all Guyanese citizens a Happy Independence Day.

GAWU: Over time every citizen will enjoy the fruits of our collective efforts

AS Guyana celebrates 51 years as an independent state, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) is pleased to join with all Guyanese to celebrate this landmark anniversary in our history.

We need to recall, at this time, that there was near absolute consensus amongst our then leaders that we needed to shed the Constitutional and other chains with which we were then wrapped. Independence brought us and we joyfully welcomed our new status as citizens of Guyana, no longer colonial subjects tied to a “mother” country. It also brought heavy responsibilities to safeguard and deepen our newly won freedom and to ensure a prosperous future. The onus was now ours to chart our own course and it was recognized it needed to be strengthened by economic independence and social justice. Those objectives had to be our guide as a people. They had to be attained and sustained.

GAWU feels certain that the attainment of Independence, which we fought for, motivated the social and economic progress of our country and was a decisive turning point for our all-round development. There are successes in several fields nationally and at the international level our country has earned recognition and respect. Our democratic culture which resurfaced over twenty (20) years ago, still, today faces new challenges and threats. Notwithstanding, the trials and setbacks the nation experienced and, most likely will face, we cannot deny the very many significant achievements as we overcame the negative legacy of colonialism.

The GAWU is aware that several key objectives are yet to be reached. One of these is our economic sovereignty which we see as crucial to safeguard our political independence especially in the context and circumstances that we see unfolding in today’s world. The prospects for our country to grow and develop despite setbacks remain encouraging and we need to tackle the various tasks before us in a collective and united spirit. In this respect, our people, especially our working people needs to be encouraged and become involved in the decision-making levels of our society.

As we celebrate this historic anniversary, GAWU urges that we all recognize that we have a responsibility to let our democratic culture prevail. It is one of the strong strands that binds our nation and makes it united and free. Additionally, we share the belief that our independence will be secured and strengthened over time when every citizen is given to enjoy the fruits, benefits and opportunities of our collective efforts and work. It is unfortunate to observe that our 51st Independence Anniversary finds us as a nation poised with further declining economic fortunes as the stage is being set to cut down the monumental sugar industry.
Happy Independence Anniversary to all Guyanese!

‘Let’s collectively work to build Guyana’- GTUC

THE Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) joins with all Guyanese, home and abroad, in observing the nation’s 51st birth anniversary. As this event is being marked, in whatever form, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that freedom was not achieved without pains and sacrifices.

From the earliest struggle against slavery, indentureship and colonization the people have displayed the propensity for intolerance against systems of domination. This inherent strain must not only be zealously proclaimed but equally demonstrated in the face of any threat to deny us our freedom.
Acts by foreign forces to undermine our sovereignty and territorial integrity through contempt for the Laws of Guyana and the coveting of our lands must be strenuously resisted.

These acts represent other forms of whittling away at our freedom and depriving us the reward of a well fought battle. Internally, our forebears’ quest to forge a nation’s mighty soul and construct its frame, respecting of our diverse strains must not only be celebrated in remembrance but also in enactment. No Guyanese, irrespective of diversity, must ever be made to feel not a part of this society. The social, economic, cultural and political rights and freedoms our ancestors fought for are meant to be for the benefit of all.

GTUC reminds all that freedom is not free. Freedom requires eternal vigilance and sacrifice not only to protect and defend the gains/achievements, but also to deepen, strengthen, and where possible, expand. As a proud contributor to this nation’s fight for self-determination, GTUC calls on all Guyanese to preserve and persevere. Guyana belongs to all her sons and daughters and remains ours to guard and build. There must be no relenting of our duty in executing this noble task and calling.
Happy anniversary!

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