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Profile: Vanessa Raghubar – Was perfect in Every way – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

 Profile: Vanessa Raghubar – Was perfect in Every way – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Neville Smith is a police officer that is assigned to the 48th Precinct in the Bronx. When he allegedly rear-ended a car on the Van Wyck Expressway he changed several lives forever, including his own.

Vanessa Raghubar

Vanessa Raghubar was driving her Honda home to Long Island. She was out to dinner to celebrate her sister Maria’s birthday and was the designated driver. Vanessa did not have a single drop of alcohol, according to those in her company.

Tragedy struck at around 4am on Sunday April 23, 2017. A Mercedes driven by Neville Smith allegedly hit Vanessa’s Honda Accord from behind. The car spun and crashed into a light pole leaving a number of persons with injuries. They included Vanessa, Maria and her boyfriend Justin Harricharran, and police officer Neville Smith.   Continue reading

Canada: The Failings and Trailings of Senator Don Meredith

Canada: The Failings and Trailings of Senator Don Meredith

By Yvonne Sam

Senator Don Meredith

The issue is not about making a moral judgment regarding extramarital sex, but instead of a Senator who crossed the line creating a power imbalance between himself and a besotted underage female.

In the Good Book John 8:7 pointedly states, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.  Embattled Senator Don Meredith despite pleading for forgiveness for his moral failing following his inappropriate sexual relationship with a teenager, also recently discovered that based on the stones casted he was the solitary sinner. His open contrition was grossly insufficient in assuaging the Senate Ethics Committee who called for his expulsion.   Continue reading

Panel: What does the USA election result say about misogyny? – The Guardian UK

Panel: What does the USA election result say about misogyny? – The Guardian UK

Faced with the choice between a qualified woman with flaws and a man who had lied, evaded taxes and faced many sexual assault allegations, USA voters chose the man

Hillary Rodham Clinton is hardly perfect, but her flaws are those of a sane human being and a politician – not of an orange troglodyte, sexual predator, who thrives on hatred.

Patricia Williams: Race and Sex stoke deep responses in the American psyche

Many years ago the great oral historian Studs Terkel recounted a story told to him by a woman who’d been molested by a relative as a child. She’d tried to tell her mother but no one would believe her. Yet one day when she was shopping with her mother and aunt, they spotted a black man far away on the other side of the department store.     Continue reading

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