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Caribbean Life News Update – May 5, 2017

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Jamaica makes Facebook history


Social media has proven to be the fastest most direct way to transmit information. And with millions registered with Facebook, Jamaica could benefit and is already getting high praises as the first in the Caribbean region to implement a policy of dispensing news about missing children via the medium.

Eugene honors Brooklyn restaurant for community service


Brooklyn Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene says he has honored George’s Restaurant in Brooklyn for its “legacy of community service.”

News Americas Now – News Headlines – Week Ending May 5, 2017



Meet The Victims Of The Venezuela Protest

Caribbean Sports News In Brief – West Indies Whips Pakistan In Barbados 

The modernization of the East Indian Guyanese – By Freddie Kissoon

The modernization of the East Indian Guyanese

Today marks the anniversary of the arrival of the Indian indentured immigrants. It comes at a time when the majority of sugar workers will be facing a bleak future. One is emotionally lacerated at this tragedy. But let us be honest, sugar is a king that once dominated the land but its time has passed.

I was walking next to Khemraj Narine, the vice chairman of the university’s workers, in the May Day rally and I told him if we are going out of sugar, let us give the vast lands that the sugar canes once stood on to sugar workers. This country is very poor. It has endured 60 years of economic and political stagnation but one of the great human features that makes this country stand out against all others in the world is its genetically driven resilience.    Continue reading

GCA- Guyana Cultural Association of New York – 2017 Awards – Call for Nominations

2017 AWARDS CALL FOR NOMINATIONS  –  (click here for Nomination form)

The Guyana Cultural Association of New York annual Awards Ceremony honors individuals and institutions who make significant contributions to Guyanese society. The four categories of Awards continue our established, dedicated and on-going effort in acknowledging and commending Guyanese across generations and various ethnic imprints. Our 16th Anniversary theme is We Bridgin – Celebrating Our Indigenous Heritage – “treasure the inheritance….”

Four Award Categories : Our awards celebrate outstanding contributors in the following categories:

  •  Guyana Cultural Association Award
  •  Guyana Cultural Association Award – Youth
  •  Guyana Cultural Association Exemplary Award
  • Guyana Cultural Association Lifetime Achievement Award

Guyana 51st Anniversary Celebration – Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations -Toronto- June 17, 2017

Download Flyer: Guyana Independence Anniversary flyer 2017

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – May 2-3, 2017

News – May 3, 2017

Guyana’s Sugar: Downsizing will save GuySuCo – commentary


A doctor’s case for medical marijuana – David Casarett – TED video

A doctor’s case for medical marijuana – David Casarett – TED video

Subtitles and Transcript

0:12      I would like to tell you about the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my years of working as a palliative care physician. This happened a couple of years ago. I was asked as a consultant to see a woman in her 70s — retired English professor who had pancreatic cancer. I was asked to see her because she had pain, nausea, vomiting … When I went to see her, we talked about those symptoms and in the course of that consultation, she asked me whether I thought that medical marijuana might help her.  
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