A quick look at my process for building family trees – By EricaJoy

A quick look at my process for building family trees  – By EricaJoy

Doxxing Dead People

You may or may not know that I’m obsessed with genealogy. If you didn’t know that, hi, I’m Erica, genealogy is my jam.

I’ve offered many times to help people do their family trees, and recently after such an offer, someone asked me how they could do it themselves. This wasn’t the first time, and I figured it was time to get off my ass and share how I do my family tree research, so I’ve written this quick look at how I build family trees. Some notes: This is just a cursory overview of my process, written in sleepy haze. In reality, there is a lot more puzzling and logic involved in this than my writing below lets on.    

Also, since I’m the descendant of slaves and the white folks who had sex with them, my research has been limited to the United States. As such, this is geared toward researching ancestors in the US. Here we go.  [Read more]

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