Caribbean Life News Headlines – 20 April 2017

Caribbean Life News Headlines – 20 April 2017  

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Guyana studies draft petro­leum legisl­ation


A Guyanese bipar­tisan select parliam­entary commi­ttee is set to pore over draft petro­leum legisl­ation that would include jail time and heavy fines for locals and industry players who take bribes from oil opera­tors and will also have clauses aimed at ensuring that the country is not cheated of its resou­rces as Guyana prepares for actual oil produ­ction in late 2019-2020.



Street protests and labor union unrest have in recent weeks serio­usly hit two South American count­ries with very close relat­ions to the Carib­bean Commu­nity with both having much to do with decli­ning living condi­tions, crime and feelings that govern­ments are not liste­ning.


Sparks between Barbados gov’t and trade union


Verbal sparring between trades unions and Barbados Gover­nment appears headed to the next level with a pay dispute between teachers and the Ministry of Educa­tion becoming the most recent spark that threa­tens to ignite into an inferno.

Pakistan wins One-Day Interna­tional series


An unbeaten century by Shoaib Malik (101) helped Pakistan to an easy six-wicket victory in the final of the three-match One-Day Interna­tional (ODI) Q Mobile Series at the Guyana National Stadium in Provi­dence, Guyana.


Making a Diffe­rence Initi­ative launched with a donation in Grenada


The health of children and seniors will be posit­ively impacted by a barrel of children’s diapers and feeding bags with tubes attached, which were deliv­ered on Wedne­sday, to the Grenada General Hospital, by local Catholic priest, Fr. Leroy Hopkin, on behalf of New York-based donors, Chris­tine Grant and Cheryl Vincent, who are both Grena­dians.

The ‘13th Amend­ment’ docu shown in Queens


A wide cross-section of the Jamaica, Queens commu­nity viewed the gut-wrenc­hing injus­tices meted out to minor­ities in the criminal justice system, in a free public scree­ning of the Netflix original docume­ntary film — 13th Amend­ment, prese­nted by York City Council, Member I. Daneek Miller, 18b Assigned Counsel Associ­ation of Queens Family Court

Life and strug­gles of Josh Gibson


He was the black bambino before the great bambino.

A produ­ction highli­ghting Pitts­burgh baseball player Josh Gibson is premi­ering at the Theater for the New City in Manha­ttan from April 19–May 7.

Food, shelter still scarce in Haiti


Six months after Hurri­cane Matthew tore through Haiti’s southern penin­sula, shelter and food remain scarce espec­ially in remote, diffi­cult-to-reach areas, accor­ding to reports here.

Grenada House of Represen­tatives passes controv­ersial tax agree­ment


The Grenada House of Represen­tatives has passed the controv­ersial Foreign Account Tax Compl­iance Act (FATCA), Inter-Govern­mental Agree­ment with the United States.

Samuels wins defam­ation lawsuit


West Indies batsman Marlon Samuels has won his defam­ation case against former Austr­alian fast bowler Geoff Lawson and is set to receive “substa­ntial damages” and a full public apology for certain derog­atory comments he made in a radio program last year.

Independent & Foreign Films


Behind the White Glasses (Unra­ted) Musical tribute to Italian filmm­aker Lina Wertm­uller, the first female to land Oscar nomina­tions for Best Director, Best Original Scree­nplay and Best Foreign Film. Featu­ring comme­ntary by Martin Scorcese, Sophia Loren and Harvey Keitel. (In English and Italian with subti­tles)

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  • ndtewarie  On 04/21/2017 at 8:20 pm

    Thoughts are the windows of future. It’s the obvious reason for every success. A man is, but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes. Mahatma Gandhi


    It makes one chuckle Not to use the buckle On some of these non-conforming fools So uncool for they do not have the tools They could be a man and his wife And many others in this little life As they go around and condemning Whoever would give them a hearing We read about them every darn day And even hear the lies as they pray It is as if we are in a third world country Committing white collar crime and go free They fortified themselves with fat pensions Changing jobs with prestigious institutions Getting off plundering the towns and  the provinces Leaving taxpayers holding the bag in many instances

    Let me put it to you without any sugar coating Life can’t go on well for these so and so conniving Fools, they have to suffer and get the full punishment For karma comes back biting badly and really hell bent To see the results can even make me sad But these fool hardy fools maybe feel glad Forgetting don’t spend what you don’t earn This little lesson is what they never learn.

     6)   KARMA PART III

    Did you ever wonder What’s beyond yonder? Some watch you with scorn Cause you lost your still-born Or maybe you get wrongly rapped Cause one of yours is handicapped But know ye! this is not your fault Not your doing that you got caught Maybe it is the result of real Karma A belief don’t belong to your culture But as surely as the sun rises Its all enhanced and comprises Of Karma which can always visit The good, bad, and even the unfit It has no bias and its ordained No conditions and not feigned Erupted unto the 3rd and the 4th generation Can be gentle or shower severe destruction Why did the residents of Louisiana So heavily hit by hurricane Katrina Many were innocent what they did? Did Karma’s wrath blew off the lid? They had nothing to do with the slavery Maybe someone partook in the knavery So whenever havoc struck You may think you have luck But actually little did you know You’re pure as fresh fallen snow Advantage no matter how subtle and how snide Can be thwarted for God don’t take anyone’s side They say you reap the harvest what you have sown For he who ride two asses bound to fall on hs own.


    Some of our nation’s leaders’ve set a bad example For as they abuse, exploit, mow down and trample The very good people who put them in power Yet when rebuked or condemned they shower Them with long bullets as in the Arab spring Where the wrath of the people is still ringing From Yemen to Morocco The Arabs have gone loco Finally coming to their senses They’ve broken down defenses Putting an end to autocracy Replacing it with democracy Be careful of what you wish for, hm! they say Ensure you’re not caught in a political estray In the West mankind is very unkind too At times biting more than he can chew Sometimes he is too proud to admit he’s wrong Instead of waving and singing his patriotic song

    As in the case of Uncle Sam Camouflaged as a big scam The most powerful country in the world Running around with its flags unfurled As millions of folks are without medicare As the two parties jostle for votes in fear Here the rich can get away with murder Paving their way with a sly good lawyer Some are caught quickly in quagmire Plying their trade as a suicide bomber Many innocent folk suffers and get hurt As innocent by-standers lose their shirt Some unkind men pillage the earth Extracting and weakening its girth From the oil, coal and iron mines Aggravating so many fault lines Then there are the vultures Who disregard all cultures They are below man’s feces Killing endangered species They prey upon the weak and poor Thinking they are so darn cock-sure Dispensing all their hard drugs to them Luring them into an addiction problem Just for the green backs Using AK-47 in attacks And so it goes even when caught It always turned out to be naught For the Drug-lords sold their soul They know every law’s loophole

    Then they are the real hypocrites who really pray They’re the ones who go to church every Sunday Their sole evil intention all hell-bent Was to make Barak a one term President And then go to the big white house arena Debating issues to benefit the taxpayer Using filibustering as their con Eventually nothing is being done Mankind has become very cruel Behaving worst than a darn fool Where men abuse women and children Done solely by machismo egotistic men Single mothers become the breadwinners The grand-parents become the care-takers And children without parents to love Look for it in all places but not Above Many fall in cracks by the wayside Then they are in for long hard ride Mankind who used to be your brother Sadly today they’re killing one another And there is fundamentally very absent Respect for each of the commandment We really have to back to the basics Discard our hypocrisy and tricks Respect the laws of nature Do not be so darn cocksure Stop texting learn to talk to one another And go back being our brother’s keeper

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