US Presidential Acts and the Media – By Yvonne Sam


By Yvonne Sam

The mainstream media has continued to do what it does best– distort reporting of the facts to produce gains that are beneficial to them, at the expense of the general public whom they claim to serve.  It is of little wonder that President Elect Donald Trump called them “the enemy of the people”.

Case in point shows the complete inaccuracy surrounding Trump’s executive order on immigration.  Thanks once again to the mainstream media and the Democrats. It was not a ban and the President was certainly not turning away all Muslims, but instead attempting to vet those attempting those attempting to enter America from the seven countries that President Obama had blacklisted as terrorist nations. Let the facts be shown and known, but the executive order of Donald Trump pales in stark comparison to what other presidents have done to control immigration and refugees seeking asylum.  

On May 13, 1939 just before the beginning of World War II the SS St. Louis a luxury cruise liner was the means of transportation for more than 900 Jews fleeing Germany.  Their initial hope was to reach Cuba and then travel to the U.S A. Sadly those plans never reached fruition as they were turned away in Havana and forced to return to Europe, where more than 250 of them were killed by the Nazis.  Over the years there have been multiple attempts to excuse President Franklin Roosevelt’s treatment of these innocent voyagers, claiming that once he became aware of what was taking place in Germany that he did his utmost best to save the Holocaust victims .

Jerold Auerbach in an article titled:  Betrayal FDR and the Jews, cites as far back as 1920 the Anti-Semitic views of President Roosevelt, when as a member of the Board of Directors of Harvard University he supported a Jewish admissions quota.

It is further reported that in 1941 FDR told his Cabinet that in the state of Oregon too many Jews were federal employees. Recall by one of his grandsons indicates that the protagonists in many of FDR’s jokes were always Lower East Side Jews with heavy accents. At a wartime luncheon with Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill, it is claimed that he suggested spreading the Jews thin all over the world, as the best way of settling the Jewish question. Indeed, he said, enlightened Hyde Park residents would not object to adding “four or five Jewish families”.

FDR announced to Stalin at the 1945 Yalta conference that he would give him the six million Jews in the United States as a concession to the king of Saudi Arabia. Let us not for one moment forget that the United States during WWII opened internment camps for Japanese and German Americans.

While on the subject of internment camps created by President Roosevelt, during the administration of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s 10th Prime Minister internment camps in Canada were also established. Historical evidence points to the fact that despite the Japanese who were interned in Canada were less in number due to a comparatively small population relative to those living in the US, the percentage of Japanese who had their personal assets permanently confiscated was substantially larger, on a per capita basis, relative to those living in the US.

Confronted with a potentially catastrophic movement of Haitians to South Florida along with pressure from politicians in Florida, Bill Clinton rescinded from an earlier campaign promise, saying that the U.S would for the time being continue to forcibly return Haitian boat people to their own homeland. Notwithstanding, optimistic Haitians set out on decrepit boats in hopes of gaining entry but encountered tragic results, and to this day  it is unclear as to how many died. Bill Clinton later claimed that his campaign rhetoric was totally misunderstood.

President Bush’s practice of indefinitely detaining refugees at Guantanamo was continued by Bill Clinton who introduced a new policy- testing the Haitians for the HIV, and keeping those who tested positive apart from the others.  By so doing, President Clinton created the world’s first HIV detention campy. Many of the refugees were mortally ill, and the cramped facility was symbolized by fear, uncertainty and filthiness.

Then there is President Obama’s deception of Cuban refugees. With almost a week left in his presidency he announced that the policy known as “wet feet, dry feet” would change. This was the longstanding policy of accepting Cubans that flee communist Cuba by sea.

The mainstream media continues to repeatedly focus on the immigration history of Donald Trump, neglecting to mention the negative immigration history of former presidents, all of whom incidentally were of the Democratic orientation.  Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King was a member of Canada’s Liberal Party.

The media remains the message, but the crux of the matter centers around which part of the message is really being delivered. The faux news sites must be eradicated and information accessed from the truth tellers and the truth tellers alone. Whatever Trump does or say is interpreted in the worst possible way. Without a doubt Donald Trump by his own doings may have added fire to fury, but the media is doing everything in its power to make it worse.  It is blatantly clear that the bias is there. When will the bias cease. TIME may be the sole deciding factor.

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