How Slavery Built American Universities – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

How Slavery Built American Universities

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

You are black and a freshman at Harvard University. You consider yourself privileged to be there. Harvard is after all a place of prestige and excellence and you worked hard to win a place. You are impressed that some of your law professors are also black. Then the unthinkable happened and your dreams are shattered. There is a crowd outside Wasserstein Hall and to your disgust you see that the portraits of black professors are defaced.

You are brought to tears. How could this happen in America? Why is there so much hate and racism and bigotry on campus, and of all places at Harvard? One upset student spoke to the Washington Times and said, ‘ I wasn’t surprised. This is part and parcel of what is happening here at Harvard and also at other institutions across the country.’  

In order to understand attitudes at Harvard it is necessary to look at the University’s links to an institution that has provided it with great resource. This is slavery. The records show that the Royall family left land for Harvard College to found the first professorship in law.

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  • marc mattews  On April 10, 2017 at 1:02 am

    Again another enlightening ‘contribution’ unveiling the hidden,challenging the ‘conveniently accepted historical narrative..

  • marc mattews  On April 10, 2017 at 1:05 am

    Cyan help..Bannuh lea we done wit term slavery replace with may be wit ‘melanin endowed…again just an’ opinion…

  • ndtewarie  On April 10, 2017 at 10:31 am


    The Pilgrims came in 1620 to America to live
    Away from folks across the pond ie.England
    They built the United States of America
    They wanted their religious freedom
    They never tried the take and give
    That was something they never understand
    They nearly grasped our good ol’ Canada
    It was a huge dispute they came from

    Slaves came from Africa to work their plantations
    Then they eventually freed them in a kind of way
    But they reinforced their patriotism with segregation
    Today blacks are still treated like second-class citizens
    They’re still not getting the deserved representations
    Dr. M.L. King died saying it would come one day
    He had a dream blacks would get full emancipation
    Would become real Americans not living as denizens

    Before slavery they had to do all the work
    And they had much natural resources
    But perseverance saw them through rough times
    Today they still crow about the Wild West man!
    It wasn’t all play the work they couldn’t shirk
    They used the Negroes like work horses
    Black men used to fight the yellow man
    After they grabbed the land from the red man

    Uncle Sam became very strong and mighty
    Went around the world putting out fires
    Those who lit the matches got burned
    They forced others to embrace democracy
    Their intentions were not based on honesty
    Then you cannot fight City Hall squires
    But from history they never learned
    And they ended in a land of plutocracy

    In the 21st century to the land of power spree
    Money to throw away give to friends and even burn
    They took until they emptied the coffers
    The banks and the stock brokers fleeced the poor
    They called it a financial collapse with glee
    The rich getting richer with money they never earn
    Dubbed just a bunch of thieves and pilfers
    Storing it abroad off-shore after some sly detour

    The kids are bombarded with social networks
    Commercials trending with fashion for easy wealth
    Music and games all trying to be the next star
    Neglecting the three R’s forgoing their education
    And most of the dumb members are real jerks
    Although some conning it all under skillful stealth
    And all want the blonde and the fast car
    Eventually to be left with a deep loss of rejection

    America was built by guns, bravado and the train
    During the wild west they ate the turkey, a vulture
    Every tribe of Indians were placed in a reservation
    Then they staved them by killing out the buffaloes
    They bound to behave like they are really insane
    No wonder they really embrace their gun culture
    They enslaved the blacks and called it segregation
    They are so insensitive they don’t feel the blows

    Many can’t count unless they get a calculator
    Many can’t spell so they can’t write
    Many can’t sing so they resort to that rap clap trap
    These are fruits of the Baby Boomers who have failed
    If they can’t be a teacher they’ll be the janitor
    Raising a family would not be light
    Should’ve listened to good music turn down the crap
    And experts telling how easily anything can be nailed

    But when its said and all is done
    America is always first when there’s a disaster
    She’s generous with the poor and downtrodden
    Don’t fool around with their flag or freedom
    Although the battle is never won
    Her democracy makes her blue blood stir
    Its indeed a land of the brave and the glutton
    Its also a land of the good and some very dumb

  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On April 10, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    Thanks for that informative and enlightening historical article, Dr. Narine.

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