GCA: Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc – e-Magazine – March 2017

  Download: GCA of New York Inc – e-Magazine – March 2017   <click

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc – e-Magazine – March 2017

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: – Dr. Juliet Emanuel, March Editor


In their March 2017 version of the newsmagazine the Board and members of Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc. invite you to a celebration of the accomplishments of Guyanese women.

They range in experience from the narrow to the global but all are respected for the persistence and grit with which they have pursued their lives of grace. We do not need the now traditional month dedicated to women across the world. We acknowledge our women all the time. Therefore, while sad about her passing, we know that the praise heaped on Carmen Enid Jarvis in October, 2016 was done in good time.     

And in the same vein, as we invite you to read, in the series of articles following the one on Mrs. Jarvis, about the paths trod and still being trod by solid women of our country, let us remember, praise and emulate their pioneering roles in the several sectors (aviation, the Police Band, contemporary politics, the canefield industry, the present day performing arts) that compose life in our country.

Send them a note. Let them know you and the rest of us. In a parallel admire them. A cup of one of Dalgety’s teas may be quite appropriate as you reminisce about the accomplishments of our women in the field of music, some of them the first in that field, and enjoy the nod given to Tom Charles and Major Henwood.

Look for the latest fiction by Peter Halder; a retrospective on language and cultural continuity by Lear Matthews, promotions on the anthropological narratives by Eusi Kwayana and Percy Haynes and an account of technological use in Kanashen.

There are opportunities to support charities throughout our community in our alumni, religious and other associations. And our interest in education and preservation of our culture may be fostered in either, or both, the Annual GCA Symposium and Literary Hang and the University of Guyana initiative on Diaspora engagement. In a parallel space, in the rapidly rising and evolving field of film arts you will find an exploration via the celluloid of our place in the sun. Do follow the interview by the Guyanese/Nigerian siblings Chelsea and Emann Odufu and plan to see Ori Inu. It is all music to our ears.

And we bridging. Peace,

Dr. Juliet Emanuel, March Editor

Download: GCA of New York Inc – e-Magazine – March 2017   <click

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