Guyana Independence Anniversary – NYC Celebration – May 26 – June 11, 2017

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Contact: Nevlon Dugid

Direct of Communications


Guyana NY Independence Celebration Committee is a

Non-political organization committed to national unity

NEW YORK: The Guyana Independence Anniversary Celebration Committee (New York) from inception has fostered unity and inclusiveness. We are proud of the diversity that has characterized our decision making process and programs.

A recent statement purportedly from the People’s National Congress/Reform, North America, erroneously alleged that this committee was disbanded. This information is not only patently false but divisive and malicious.  The statement undermines national cohesion and regrettably politicizes Guyana’s independence celebration.  We therefore question if it’s the official position of the organization on whose behalf this representation was unfortunately made.

Stake holders and the community are aware that the Committee remains an active, fully functioning, not for profit organization that is lawfully registered under Federal 501 (c) (3) Statute and New York State Law.

Our programs are “community” oriented and for community benefit. In honor of Guyana’s 50th Independence anniversary last year, we hosted a one week celebration that included an interfaith service, symposium on Guyana’s history, volunteer day with free medical and legal clinics, flag raising ceremony, investment conference, cricket and soccer competition, kids fun day, State dinner at which President Granger was guest of honor, Mashramani parade and unity concert.

We united with the Queens community and created a diverse organization that reflects all of Guyana. The organization comprised 163 members from every realm of the Guyanese Diaspora in 9 States; divided into and 13 sub-committees. We mobilized thousands of nationals and our website generated over 5 million impressions. This was never achieved in the Guyanese Diaspora.

After the 2016 celebration, the committee continued planning for ongoing liabilities as well as for its 2017  51st Independence celebration to close out the Jubilee year.

As a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization, the committee is prohibited by Federal law from affiliating or coordinating with political parties, and has no intention or interest in doing so.  We assure our brothers and sisters in Queens and other communities, that we eschew partisan politics and division. We call on all Guyanese to foster diversity and inclusiveness. Guyana belongs to all of us. We must therefore work unceasingly to achieve national unity.

The Committee’s 2017 celebration calendar of events is attached above.

Nevlon Dugid

Director of Communications

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