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Is BILL M -103 the changing face of Canadian Society – By Yvonne Sam

 Is BILL M -103  the changing face of Canadian Society

By Yvonne Sam

Has Canada overlooked the glaring fact that Jews, not Muslims, remain the chief targets of hate crimes?  Bill M-103 may be the wrong means of highlighting the government’s “diversity is our strength” message. Or are we headed towards religious unrest?

It is blatantly apparent following the passage of Bill M-103 with its dubious nomenclature Systemic racism and Religious discrimination that Canada is having a struggle with words, definitions and their accompanying impact. The term Islamophobia worked its way into our vocabulary and into popular culture over a decade ago, being originally geared to denounce the persecution and inconveniences that the average Muslim was facing following the attack of 9/11. Suddenly and without warning it became a catch-phrase to hush anyone who dared to be critical of the religion, even if it referred to Sharia law or groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood.    Continue reading

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