BOOK: Sunny Rain-n-Snow – by U Atreya Sarma – Review – by Leonard Dabydeen

BOOK: Sunny Rain-n-Snow – by U Atreya Sarma – Review – by Leonard Dabydeen

BOOK REVIEW by Leonard Dabydeen 

A rich garland of flowers splendiferous with life.

 To be able to explode with tremendous joy and felicity at making your first impression is simply a memorable life-experience. This is undoubtedly the magnolia, caviar feeling of U Atreya Sarma on the presentation of his debut olio of poetry book, Sunny Rain -n-Snow – set in a bundle of 139 pages in a melange of 63 poems curated in 12 interlocking sections, spanning delectable tidings from prior social media/anthologies between 2009-2014.

In the Foreword helm, popular Mumbai literary academic, Dr. Sunil Sharma elicited that this book, “Sunny Rain-n-Snow is about living and loving life.” And the author, Atreya espouses in the Preface that the ambience of the poems “vary according to the theme – from gravity to levity, from anger to angst, from sympathy to empathy, from ardour to humour.” This, in brief, regales a sumptuous gourmet of the vagaries of living in the richness of poetry. As Leonard Cohen says, “Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.”

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