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The Incredible Power Of Thought

Road To The Riches


Thoughts are the windows of future. It’s the obvious reason for every success. A man is, but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes.
Mahatma Gandhi

Our thoughts are very powerful and science is doing exciting experiments with the power of thought.

In July 2007 the Silicon Valley company Nerosky launched a device that lets you control a computer game just by using your thoughts.

Since the power of thought is a very potent form of energy that penetrates all time and space we need to be aware of what we think.

Fortunate for the human race we are able to control our thoughts. We can use our mind and practice the process of thinking. We can make ourselves think thoughts of what we want to be or have.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

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Guyana: U.G. Diaspora Engagement Conference – July 23-28, 2017

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Israel Precipitates New Tensions in Syria – M.K. Bhadrakumar


Israel Precipitates New Tensions in Syria

M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline

The Israeli air attacks on Friday near Palmyra in Syria targeting what Tel Aviv claims to be a convoy ferrying weapons for Hezbollah in Lebanon – and what Damascus alleges was a calculated act directed against the  positions of the government forces fighting the Islamic State active in the region – cannot be regarded as a ‘stand-alone’ event.

On the face of it, the Israeli claim lacks credibility since Palmyra is twice removed from the Syrian-Lebanon border in terms of geographical proximity. Possibly, Syrian government has a point that the Israelis were deliberately targeting its forces. This explains why Russian Foreign Ministry called in the Israeli ambassador in Moscow on the same day and sought explanation.   

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Guyana 411- March 18, 2017: Focus on Guyana’s Sugar Industry – video

Guyana 411- March 18, 2017: Focus on Guyana’s Sugar Industry – video

GINA Guyana

Demerara Waves Headline News Update – 23 March 2017


Demerara Waves Headline News Update23 March 2017

Central Bank blames exporters’ “hoarding” of foreign currency for slide in Guyana dollar – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/2ni8OV3

Ivor Bunbury Furniture store manager, two others charged with cocaine possession – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/2mZiTU1

Communities Minister sacks Linden Town Clerk with immediate effect – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/2mx5pTb

Air travel is getting more expensive…one travel agent using exchange rate of GYD$250 – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/2nNCwCP

Standards Bureau gets $2 billion IDB loan to upgrade labs  – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/2mwx0nD

City Hall earns just over GYD$500,000 in two months from parking meters – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/2nrVVYR

Govt announces Board of Directors for new state agency to assist GPL – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/2mV7tzL

Parking meter wardens laid off; employment contract provides for no overtime pay – Demerara Waves http://bit.ly/2mYtY



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