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Caribbean Life News (NY) Update – 17 March 2017

   Caribbean Life News (NY) Update – 17 March 2017  

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Exxon ups the stakes in Guyana, applies for produ­ction license


American oil giant Exxon­Mobil has asked Guyana’s gover­nment to approve a produ­ction license to allow it to actually start pumping oil from the seabed by late 2019, months earlier than planned offic­ials said this week.

Dynamic Int. Airways to improve service


Capt. Gerry Gouveia, chief execu­tive officer of Roraima Airways, Guyana, and Karen Kraus, interim chief execu­tive officer (CEO) of Green­sboro North Carolina, Dynamic Interna­tional Airways, thanked travel agents and custo­mers for staying with the carrier through turbu­lent times, and assured custo­mers that the airline is now focused on service recovery that would be seamless.

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