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The Advanced Pre Ice Age Civilizations that Vanished From Earth – By Graham Hancock – video

The Advanced Pre Ice Age Civilizations that Vanished From Earth

Published on Jan 28, 2017   By Graham Hancock is one of the leading scholars in this area of study. Talk given sometime in 2012.

A physical and intellectual journey, a worldwide exploration looking for the ancient ruins of a lost civilization, this video follows clues in ancient scriptures and mythology and in the scientific evidence of the flood that swept the Earth at the end of the last Ice Age. This video explores the question of early humans swept away by the catastrophe. Who were these populations – pre-civilised hunter-gatherers or more sophisticated peoples altogether?      Continue reading

Haiti – Guyana: Cultural Associations of BC – “Pepperpot of Culture”- Vancouver – March 25, 2017

Confronting Academia’s Ties to Slavery in the USA

Photo: The enslaved Renty, pictured in 1850 and used by a Harvard biologist to support theories about racial difference. Credit J.T. Zealy

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In 1976, archivists at Harvard’s natural history museum opened a drawer and discovered a haunting portrait of a shirtless enslaved man named Renty, gazing sorrowfully but steadily at the camera. Taken on a South Carolina plantation in 1850, it had been used by the Harvard biologist Louis Agassiz to formulate his now-discredited ideas about racial difference.        Continue reading

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