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News Headlines from… NEWS AMERICAS NOW – 01 March 2017


Get Out: the film that dares to reveal liberal racism in America

Get Out: the film that dares to reveal the horror of liberal racism in America

Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed low-budget shocker became a surprise hit and showed viewers a terrifying look at the fractured myth of a post-racial US

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out
Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out. ‘The villains here aren’t southern rednecks or neo-Nazi skinheads, or the so-called “alt-right”. They’re middle-class white liberals.’ Photograph: Justin Lubin/Universal Pictures

The success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out – it took $30m in its first weekend in the US – is remarkable for lots of reasons. This is a first-time film from a respected, but essentially cult comedian, with no real big-name stars and a premise that is anathema to most of middle America. Yet people came out to see it in their thousands and critics raved about a horror film, which just does not happen.       Continue reading

Caribbean Life Now News Update – 28 February 2017

Caribbean LifeCaribbean Life Now News Update – 28 February 2017

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Jamaica Tourist Board recog­nized for outsta­nding public relat­ions


The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) says it has started 2017 on a very high note, winning two coveted public relat­ions awards for its marke­ting of the Jamaica House 2016 at the 31st Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2014 J’Ouvert celebr­ation shooter jailed for 24 years


A 28-year-old Brooklyn man has been sente­nced to 24 years in prison after pleading guilty last month to first-degree mansla­ughter for fatally shooting a Grena­dian man during the Carib­bean J’Ouvert celebr­ation that was held in the wee hours before the 2014 West Indian Day Carnival Parade on Labor Day, the first Monday in Septe­mber.

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