Jagdeo’s presidency is synonymous with corruption, extra-judicial killings and drug lords – AFC

Jagdeo’s presidency is synonymous with corruption, extra-judicial killings and drug lords – AFC

– Has no moral authority to judge any sitting govt

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Since Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo’ has a remarkable legacy of failure to his name then he has no place awarding any grade to the performance of the APNU+AFC Government.

The AFC stated that it finds the “F” grade to be devoid of objectivity or fairness. It said that this move however fits with the far-right extremist approach and utter desperation that Jagdeo has adopted in dealing with matters as Opposition Leader.   This comment was made by the Alliance For Change (AFC) last night. Its statement was in wake of the “F” Grade recently handed out to the administration by Jagdeo.

The Party sought to remind Jagdeo that it was his regime that left Guyana in a literal and figurative mess.
Since the elections, AFC said that the Government has been diligently working to restore law and order to Guyana, to provide better education, health and social services to the people, to modernize public infrastructure and to clean up and beautify Guyana.

The Party also boasted that its achievements in the mere 20 months can compare favourably with the PPP’s minimal achievements for 23 years.

In this regard, the AFC said that it was the APNU+AFC Coalition government which held Local Government Elections in Guyana after an absence of 22 years.

The Party also pointed to the Government’s other accomplishments. These include increased public servants salaries by 37%, reduced the PPP imposed VAT from 16% to 14%, passed Telecommunications Bill, restoration of decency and cleanliness to Georgetown, restoration of law and order, establishment of the Public Procurement Commission, reduced Berbice Bridge tolls, increased Old Age Pension by over 45% from $13,125 to $19,000, increased minimum wage from $39,540 to $55,000 and the establishment of three new towns.

The AFC said, “Mr. Jagdeo has no moral authority whatsoever to speak on the performance of a government when as president his performance was mired in failure. Mr. Jagdeo’s presidency is synonymous with obscene corruption, hundreds of extra-judicial killings, drug lords overrunning the nation and a narco-state, fear embedded in the hearts and minds of citizens and failed foreign relations.

It was in reference to Mr. Jagdeo’s presidency that a then sitting CARICOM Prime Minister said that he (Jagdeo) had reduced Guyana to the state of an ‘international panhandler.’

In light of the aforementioned, the party said that it is Jagdeo who is out of touch with reality and seems to be living in a state of extreme denial in his controversially acquired extravagant mansion in Pradoville.

It is the view of the AFC that the Opposition Leader needs to reflect on his resounding failure as a president in flattening growth and development in Guyana before he begins to contemplate casting judgment on this or any other government.

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  • guyaneseonline  On February 19, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Guyana on right track financially – CDB Economic Director
    Feb 18, 2017 Government, Ministry of Finance, News – GINA

    Guyana’s future is bright, and it is on the right economic path, according to the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) Director of Economics, Dr. Justin Ram.

    Speaking at the bank’s annual news conference in Barbados on Friday, Dr. Ram stated that “the future for Guyana is quite bright.”

    He referenced the recent oil and natural gas discoveries offshore Guyana, and noted that with the expectation that commercial production of the commodities is due to begin in a few years, there is great potential there.

    Sharing his views on the policies being put in place by the Guyana Government, Dr. Ram opined that, “the Government is correct in being fiscally prudent, and very careful in how it manages its debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ratio.” He added that this ratio, which declined in 2016, was quite good and government continued to consolidate fiscally.

    The CDB Director noted that Guyana is facing several challenges in the social and infrastructural areas, thus the “Government will now have to consider, how it will go about those financing gaps that the economy now faces.” He said that there are possibly a number of ways to do that without increasing the debt burden significantly. He explained that public private partnerships are an option in this regard.

    Dr. Ram explained that whenever a Government borrows funds to execute projects, the returns on these projects must exceed the interest rates on the loans acquired, “So overall the Government must spend money wisely and get great value for that money, so that the rate of return on those projects, actually provide economic benefits to all of its citizens.”

    The CDB official declared that Guyana is “very well poised to take advantage of the recent resources it has discovered, and overall it is important that our Governments spend money wisely, and I think that if these are managed properly, then Guyana could be one of the most diversified economies of our board member countries, so I think it is actually on the right track.”

    The CDB Director gave an overview of the Caribbean’s economic performance including an action plan for stability and growth, and policy prescriptions, during the news conference on Friday.

    By: Paul Mc Adam – GINA

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