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President Trump’s Press Conference: Ties to Russia, Leaks, and “Fake News” – Feb 16, 2017

President Donald Trump Full Press Conference Addresses Ties to Russia, Leaks, and “Fake News” 2/16/2017

GCC – Guyana Christian Charities – Mardi Gras Spring Dance -Toronto – May 20, 2017

Download Flyer – GCC Mardi Gras Spring Dance -Toronto – May 20, 2017


Guyana Government News Brief – February 14, 2017 – video

GINA Guyana

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – February 14, 2017

The Rise Of the American “Strongman” was predicted in 1998 by Richard Rorty


Achieving Our Country Richard Rorty

Today’s Book Selection — from Achieving Our Country Richard Rorty. In 1979, children from the top socioeconomic quarter of Ameri­can families were four times more likely to get a college de­gree than those from the bottom quarter; now they are ten times more likely. In 1998, American philosopher and academic Richard Rorty wrote of the emerging political and social divisions in America and predicted the emergence of a “strongman” in American politics.

Whether readers agree or disagree with Rorty’s writings [which includes some statements more pungent than those included below] , the fact that he wrote so directly about this phenomenon almost twenty years ago is intriguing and merits reflection:

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BHS Guyana Alumni Association – May Hatters Tea Party – Toronto – April 29, 2017

Download Flyer:  bishops-teaparty-2017-flyer


Guyana and Black History— High time to change the Story – By Yvonne Sam

Guyana and Black History— High time to change the Story

By Yvonne Sam


Yvonne Sam

We are currently in the month of February, traditionally the period when Black History Month is celebrated. The truth be told Guyanese do not need to worry in any way shape or form about negritude or history as both are being daily celebrated. To be clear and also frank, Guyanese in Guyana have failed to make the progress that they mouthed, spouted and voted for. In fact, it appears that they have fast forwarded backward.  So let us forget about placating ourselves by celebrating Black History Month. We have not broken any stereotypes. We have made no progress.We just haven’t.      Continue reading

Former PM Warns Of Doom And Gloom For Barbados Economy

Former PM Warns Of Doom And Gloom For Barbados Economy

February 15, 2017 – http://caribbeannewsservice.com


Owen Arthur

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Feb 15 2017 – Former Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur says he is concerned that the island’s Central Bank could soon be running out of foreign reserves and that the island is headed for a serious financial crisis.      Continue reading

Opinion: Netanyahu Fantasized About a GOP President, Our Cruel God Gave Him Trump

Opinion:  Netanyahu Fantasized About a GOP President, Our Cruel God Gave Him Trump 

In place of the deep discussions on history and philosophy he dreamt of, Netanyahu should keep it short and simple.

Chemi Shalev | Haaretz – Alternative Views NOT Alternative Facts

This week, Benjamin

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

will round out his 4000th day as prime minister. He spent most, if not all of them, fending off a Democratic president who, he believed, was out to do him harm. Which is why Wednesday was to be one of the happiest in his life, the day he would be received royally at the White House, make himself comfortable in an Oval Office armchair, smile at the cameras, silently thank God and finally have the time of his life.

Netanyahu must have fantasized about his first meeting with a Republican president like Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and even Newt Gingrich. There would be great chemistry between the two leaders, as well as deep understanding and wall-to-wall agreement. The American would gaze at Netanyahu with admiration, and might seek his counsel about the war on terror or reviving the economy.   Continue reading