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The PPP’s propaganda must always receive a response because people read – By Freddie Kissoon

The PPP’s propaganda must always receive a response because people read

Opinion - commentary -analysis Feb 11, 2017  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon – Kaieteur News

When asked about suspected shortcomings in his government’s PR department, President David Granger said the media (referring to the private ones) have to showcase more of what the government was doing. He obviously did not meet the question head on. But the private media are doing PR work for the Government that his PR experts need to zoom into.

We can start with Anil Nandlall. Mr. Nandlall wrote a long missive in which he observed that whenever the PPP is in Government there is economic progress and freedom in this country; and whenever the PNC is in Government there is economic decline and authoritarianism.    Continue reading

Guyana 411 – February 10, 2017 – ‘Guyana is Unique’ – GINA Video

GINA Guyana

GINA Guyana

Guyana 411 – February 10, 2017 – ‘Guyana is Unique’

Jobs vs The Environment – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision


Headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Triangle facilities – Washington DC – USA

Our global capitalist economic system has brought us to the edge of an abyss. If we want more jobs, the corporate capitalist elite tells us, we must reduce environmental regulations that increase their operational costs and make their products less competitive in the global marketplace. They say the same about financial regulations and employee wages. But those are other interrelated issues. I want to focus here on the environment.

The word “environment” seems to have lost its meaning for those of us, like myself, who live in large urban centers and have a greater say in state and federal policies, regulating our environmental protections. Far removed from our natural world, we can control the temperature within our homes, offices, and commercial and entertainment centers. We obtain our food and beverages, including purified bottled water…

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