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My defence of President Trump’s refugee ban – commentary

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I recall back in December 2015, when Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, called for a blanket ban on Muslim immigration.

During this time,I supported Trump’s proposed Muslimban, and 18 months later, I also support theevolved ban, which has moved to prevent immigration from 7 Islamic countries riddled with terrorism, instead ofall 57.

Predictably, Trump has taken tremendous heat both in American media and across the world.

But there are many issuesin the arguments ofthese armchair critics.

First, critics of Trump’s immigration ban generally lack a basic understanding of Islam. Certainly, I am open to debating any idea put forward while discussing how to counter Islamic terrorism.

But withoutfirst acknowledging the factthat Islam compels its followers to wage war against disbelievers, and pushes towards establishing Islamic supremacy with the ultimate goal of installingSharia law, they are unqualified to meaningfully discuss this subject. Because these pundits don’t understand Islam, they…

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Guyana: Black Water People – Twenty Poems – By Dmitri Allicock


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President Kong – By Uri Avnery

President Kong – By Uri Avnery

Posted 28 Jan. 2017. [Avnery is 94-years old in 2017]

I KNEW he reminded me of somebody, but I couldn’t quite place it. Who was it who pounded his chest with such

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

vigor?  And then I remembered. It was the hero of a movie that was produced when I was 10 years old: King Kong.

King Kong, the giant primate with the heart of gold, who scaled huge buildings and downed airplanes with his little finger.

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Caribbean Life News Update – February 2, 2017

Caribbean Life  News Update – February 2, 2017

Guyanese author- Derrick John Jeffrey- writes about murder in the UN


Derrick John Jeffrey’s passion, and organic way of writing, is the reason for his succe­ssful careers as storyt­eller, playw­right, and author that began in his homeland of Guyana back in the 70s.

Now it’s Cricket West Indies


The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has changed its name to Cricket West Indies (CWI).

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Guyana Government News Brief – February 1, 2017

GINA Guyana

GINA Guyana

Guyana Government News Brief – February 1, 2017

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