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Three Presidents, One Nation- Believing and Deceiving – By Yvonne Sam

Three  Presidents, One Nation- Believing and Deceiving

yvonne-samBy Yvonne Sam

Opinion - commentary -analysisHenry Louis Mencken, the great American English scholar, journalist, satirist and cultural critic,   also known as the Sage of Baltimore, said that, “under democracy one party devotes its chief energies in trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule and both commonly succeed and are right” How true and applicable is such a saying, when viewed in light of what is currently playing out in American politics.

In less than ten days the Obama era will come to an end. Approval ratings will no longer be of any significant concern. He will best be remembered as a great, but blemished, president, sadly however, most of the blemishes concerns how he dealt with the issue of race – or avoided doing so.    Continue reading

Why has the UK economy defied predictions of doom?

Why has the UK economy defied predictions of doom?

There was talk of a Brexit vote plunging the UK straight into recession, but the economic news is upbeat 

Bank of England
Post-referendum forecasts for 2016 had to be quickly shredded by the Bank of England. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA

It goes without saying that this is not what the Treasury or the Bank of England expected at the time of the EU referendum last June. At the time, there was talk of the economy plunging straight into recession.

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In Defence of Caribbean Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programmes – By Alicia Nicholls



Alicia Nicholls

A  60 Minutes Special aired by American network, CBS, on January 1, 2017 has added fuel to the fiery debate on the legitimacy of Caribbean countries’ economic citizenship programmes. Whether intended or not, the segment entitled “Passports for Sale” cast a shadow of iniquity on the programmes which certain Caribbean countries, and to which an increasing number of countries are turning in order to stimulate their economies and attract much needed foreign investment.

Last year, St. Lucia joined four other Eastern Caribbean countries: Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada and St. Kitts & Nevis by offering a direct citizenship programme. Economic investor programmes fall into two broad types: residency programmes (which only offer investors the right to reside) and citizenship programmes (which confer citizenship, either directly or after a period of residency).   [Read more]

Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms

Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms

By Marina Lopes and Nick Miroff January 1, 2017

PACARAIMA, Brazil — Rosibel Diaz used to affectionately call her 4-year-old son “my chubby boy.” She couldn’t stand it when he started going hungry.

So in November, Diaz packed up her family’s possessions and boarded a bus with the boy and her 11-month-old daughter to escape Venezuela’s famished interior. She now lives under a blue tarp in a trash-strewn alleyway of this Brazilian border village, where she begs for food.

“I won’t go back,” said the rail-thin mother, who lost her job as a home nursing aide four years ago. She leaned against a pole, feeding a piece of bread to the baby. “We are surviving here,” she said.

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Guyana – Capitol TV News Update – 06 January 2017 -14 videos

Capitol TV logoGuyana – Capitol TV News Update – 06 January 2017 -14 videos