Book: East River – by Derrick John Jeffrey

Book: East River – by Derrick John Jeffrey (Author) -Paperback – September 16, 2016 –

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A page turning novel about murder, corruption and money laundering within the walls of the UN and one of its peacekeeping operations.

New York City 1968

A woman enters the headquarters of the UN one morning. She walks up to the UN’s director of public information, pulls out a gun and calmly blows him away. She jumps through the now shattered seventh floor window into New York’s East River and disappears beneath the surface of the murky water.    The only witness is a Cuban-American freelance journalist who is told that what he saw never occurred, but instead the senior official had committed suicide.   

From there follows a story of murder, money laundering, corruption, witchcraft, sex and love spanning two decades. Sit back and be amazed.

REVIEW – By Al Jasper

Great read, highly recommend for anyone in search of suspense and action. As fast-paced and action-oriented as John Grisham’s “The Firm”.

Derrick John Jeffrey demonstrates a detailed understanding of the United Nations, building, bureaucracy, and intrigue as he masterfully weaves the movement of people within and outside the walls of the institution. He provides a true understanding of the United Nations Peace keeping Operations with an insight at its unfamiliar and lucrative benefits.
In very intricate detail, historical facts relating to the United Nations Operations in Cambodia are revisited. He is likewise masterful in his description of scenes in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as he is in Bangkok and Thailand. Life on the streets jumps at you from his description of scenes. Accurate recall of historical facts and political events with an amazing recall of people and places are ably covered.

He demonstrates an uncanny familiarity with NYC, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Hong Kong and the many places and alleyways in between.
Fast-paced from end to end.

As an encore, with the same rhythmic ease and hair-raising suspense, with which he has taken us through the nightlife of Bangkok, he brings to life scenes during the Caribbean Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY.


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